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Working at Lowe's in Beaufort, SC: 2 Employee Job Reviews by Real Employee working in Beaufort, SC Area

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On average, employees in Beaufort, SC at Lowe's give their company a 3.1 rating out of 5.0 based on 2, whereas overall Average Rating of Lowe's is 3.7 out of 5.0 based on 478 Lowe's Review Ratings. The happiest Lowe's employees in Beaufort, SC are Customer Service Associates submitting an average rating of 3.6 and Cashiers with a rating of 3.0.

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"Lowe's is fast-paced and never boring, with great coworkers and clients."
Posted 12 years ago

Working at Lowe's in Beaufort, SC: 2 Employee Reviews

Customer Service Associate

"I worked there for a year and the people there were nothing short of spectacular"

Person You Work For 5 / 5 People You Work With 5 / 5 Work Setting 3 / 5
Support You Get 5 / 5 Rewards You Receive 3 / 5 Growth Opportunities 3 / 5
Company Culture 4 / 5 Way You Work 5 / 5

What do you like about working at Lowe's?

"Lowe's pays more than other retail jobs, and it's easier to get a full-time position."

Do you have any tips for others interviewing with this company?

"It's a job. If you're a dude, you're set, and unless you are completely lazy, you'll be promoted eventually. If you're a woman, unless you've been in a skilled vocation or are really lucky, you will be a cashier and that is all you will be. They might add a head in front of that title, but you will be stuck on the front end unless they are really desperate for someone on the sales floor or in the back. They will claim you are the most important employees but they will treat you like crap."

What don't you like about working at Lowe's?

"It's the people. Customers can be good or bad; it comes with the territory. Some co-workers I could do without - the ones who don't say a thing to you until they need or want something, the ones who don't do anything but still manage to keep their job, and the ones who think they're better than you and talk down to you. I don't like the managers who will not back policy because they believe it's good customer service or are too lazy to deal with a problem, and the ones who don't do anything."

What suggestions do you have for management?

"I would follow the rules set out for all employees instead of thinking they are for everyone else, and I wouldn't be so capricious about what my employees' tasks are. I wouldn't micromanage just because I'm bored and can't sneak off to the back to talk with my friends."

Person You Work For 2 / 5 People You Work With 2 / 5 Work Setting 2 / 5
Support You Get 2 / 5 Rewards You Receive 3 / 5 Growth Opportunities 2 / 5
Company Culture 1 / 5 Way You Work 2 / 5

Company-Industry Rating Comparison

Lowe's (478)

4.4 Highest Rated in this Industry is Xylem (10)
2.9 Lowest Rated in this Industry is Orchard Supply Hardware (11)
3.6 Average of All Companies in this Industry (2,679)

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