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If you’re ready to write your own CareerBliss company review, we’d like to thank you on behalf of our users, who will benefit from your hard-earned wisdom and guidance on the ins and outs of your company.

Before you begin, take a minute to read our Content Guidelines. Be aware that every review is read by a real live human being before going live (no robots), and conduct yourself accordingly.

Also, be aware that once you submit a review to CareerBliss, anyone and everyone can view it. It could be read by anyone from your boss to your mother, so be nice if you can, and don’t post anything you’ll later regret.

Here are our Content Guidelines:

Don’t Post Inappropriate Content

We are all for freedom of speech, but we will not post, promote or display reviews which promote cultural hatred, racism, sexism, physical threats against an individual or a company, and lewdness. We will remove bad language from reviews, as this can activate spam or porn filters in some work and university networks and limit our audience.

Don’t Use People’s Real Names

Mentioning someone’s name in a negative review is the fastest way to get somebody sued. We will immediately remove any names mentioned in a negative light in your review, period. This will happen before the review goes live. This is not to protect the person involved or censor you, but to prevent lawsuits.

It’s okay to identify people by their job title, and you may mention service providers who are commonly identified by their real names, such as branded names.

Conflicts of Interest

Every single review submitted to CareerBliss is read and assessed by a real human being before it goes live. We don’t use any automated systems to decide whether a review is genuine or fake. We read, discuss and assess each review as it comes in, live in real time.

We love to read positive, glowing reviews of a company. But if a review seems overly promotional, with little or no personal or useful content about your experience working at the company, it will be rejected. Contrary to what you may think, it is usually very easy for our team to spot fake reviews.

Don’t Give Out Company Secrets

Please don’t share information about your company that is secret, classified or protected under contract. Such reviews will be rejected at our discretion.

While not strictly prohibited, we also ask you to think twice before posting sensitive information that could cause you (and us) legal drama as a result, such as insider news of an impending lay-off or internal financial wrangles. Salary information about your own position is excluded from this.

Personal Rants and Raves

We know it’s tempting to post a six-page rant about how unfair it was of your company to lay you off right before Christmas. It’s happened to us all, and we feel your pain. However, CareerBliss exists to help jobseekers make an informed decision about their career path. Long rants about your own personal circumstances that include no useful information about the actual company involved may be rejected or edited out by our team of admins.


CareerBliss is a public forum where you can share your experiences and tell us what it’s really like to work at your company. So keep your review to the point. This isn’t the place to go off on a tangent and write an essay on politics, religion, or other soapbox rants which aren’t helpful to someone who is seeking to interview with your company.

Gossip and Slander

We ask you to respect each other’s privacy, and we advise you to not post gossip or private personal information that you would not want posted about yourself. This includes office romances and discussion of your boss’s personal life. While this is not strictly against our rules, it’s not a nice thing to do. Even if rumors are true, posting gossip online can destroy lives and careers in the real world, the effects of which can live on long after you’ve cooled off and had second thoughts about your over-sharing.

CareerBliss reserves the right to reject or edit reviews at our discretion if we feel that your review is written to grind an axe or to humiliate someone, rather than providing useful company information.

Duplicate Reviews

Fresh and original reviews are the lifeblood of CareerBliss. You’re a unique and creative person, so don’t repost reviews that you have already posted on other review websites.

If you’ll forgive us for getting all technical, Google tags this as Duplicate Content, meaning both your reviews may then not show up in any search results for that company name, as Google thinks you are a robot posting spam. This professionally devalues both sites and makes us very sad.

Improving Your CareerBliss Review

The very best reviews on CareerBliss are original reviews which are smart, relevant, detailed, and most importantly, heartfelt and genuine.

Here are our personal tips for improving your review:

  • Tell us your story: We want to hear your unique thoughts about your experience working with your company. Please don’t copy text off your company website, or give us a bland company history that anyone can find on Google. The more personal, the better.
  • Give us details: We get thousands of reviews which read “I love my company, it’s great!” or “My company sucks, I hate it!” While better than nothing, it’s so much more helpful if you tell us why.
  • Speak from the heart. What are your gut feelings about your company? Often, your job and your company may be at odds. You may be unchallenged or underpaid in your work, yet your company is kind and ethical and your combined efforts do good things for your community. Give us both sides of the story, and feel free to use humor!

Review Hints and Tips

Our sample reviews provide a general outline of what to write in our review. Think back to when you first applied to work at your company. What do you know now that you wish you’d known then? If a member of your family was applying for a job at your company, what would you want them to know before accepting the job?

If you’re genuinely stuck, here are some ideas:

Overall experience: Was your experience working at your company good or bad, inspiring or draining? Do you dread going to work each day, or dance out of the door to your car each morning?

Rate Your Boss: Were you micromanaged, or given the freedom to set your own tasks? Does your boss yell to get tasks accomplished, or lead by good example? Is your CEO a good and kind person who truly cares about the future of your company?

Rate your Salary: Does your level of compensation seem about right for the amount of work you have to do? What was your salary progression? Do you get a bonus or shares in company stocks? Has your paycheck ever been late or even bounced?

Office Culture: Is your office dress code formal, or do you wear flip-flops to work? Can you listen to music on the job, or is your office disturbingly quiet?

The People: Is your company made up of students or is your workforce older? Does your company provide team-building exercise or give you extra training that allows you to advance your career?

List of Perks: Did the company provide break-room pizza on Fridays, or allow telecommuting? Perks can also include less obvious things, like the ability to set your own lunch break times, bring your dog to work, or to listen to music at your desk.

The Company’s Future: Are you excited about the future of your company? Where do you think the company will be in 10 years? And most importantly, would you recommend your company to others?

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