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Working at Lowe's in Huntsville, AL: 2 Employee Job Reviews by Real Employee working in Huntsville, AL Area

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On average, employees in Huntsville, AL at Lowe's give their company a 3.6 rating out of 5.0 based on 2, whereas overall Average Rating of Lowe's is 3.7 out of 5.0 based on 478 Lowe's Review Ratings. The happiest Lowe's employees in Huntsville, AL are Anonymous Employees submitting an average rating of 3.6.

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"I've worked at Lowe's for almost 4 years and would recommend Lowe's as a great place to work. First 2 years were hard working part time but I stuck it out and proved to my managers how much that Lowe's meant to my family by doing everything I could to help the customers while bringing multiple sales for the local store. Satisfying customer needs and helping with their dreams is my passion."
Posted 8 years ago in Cookeville, TN

Working at Lowe's in Huntsville, AL: 2 Employee Reviews

Lowe's Employee

"Although Lowe's is a very successful and profitable company, they don't pay their employees very well. In addition, the personnel they have in management are too forgiving and do not hold their employees responsible for their bad behavior. It seems like employees are not team players, have no pride in their work product, and are constantly on their phones instead of getting the job done or taking care of customers."

Person You Work For 4 / 5 People You Work With 3 / 5 Work Setting 2 / 5
Support You Get 3 / 5 Rewards You Receive 1 / 5 Growth Opportunities 2 / 5
Company Culture 2 / 5 Way You Work 4 / 5
Lowe's Employee

"Solid company to be employed by. Stable job security, with various option for different positions and promotions throughout the store. Employees are treated with respect and trusted in their roles. Having the knowledge for where you work and what you work with, is really appreciated."

Person You Work For 5 / 5 People You Work With 5 / 5 Work Setting 5 / 5
Support You Get 4 / 5 Rewards You Receive 4 / 5 Growth Opportunities 5 / 5
Company Culture 4 / 5 Way You Work 5 / 5

Company-Industry Rating Comparison

Lowe's (478)

4.4 Highest Rated in this Industry is Xylem (10)
2.9 Lowest Rated in this Industry is Orchard Supply Hardware (11)
3.6 Average of All Companies in this Industry (2,679)

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