Keeping Your Resume Current

It's essential to keep your resume up to date for several reasons. Firstly, an updated resume ensures that you have an accurate record of your work history, education, skills, and...

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Resume Tip Tuesday

Understanding what it takes to stand out on a resume is vital to the changing landscape of how companies hire. Technology and AI have helped recruiters and HR managers find the right...

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Resume Reference List Tips

When writing a resume it is important for a potential employer to know they can trust your references, having access to the contact information for your references will allow them...

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How to Write a Resume Objective

It’s very helpful to employers to include an objective for your resume at the very top to include how your skills align with the role being offered. Your resume objective can include...

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Tips for Writing a Recommendation Letter (With Template and Example)

What is a recommendation letter? A letter of recommendation is a formal document that gives the reader a third party validation of someone’s work, skills or academic performance....

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Top 10 Professional Skills to Include in Your Resume

At some point in your resume, you will need to include the skills you would bring to the table for your future employer. If you have the skills they are looking for you have a better chance...

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Resume Objectives vs Resume Summaries

When it comes to applying for jobs, no two of your resumes should be alike. That is to say, your resumes should always be tailored to the specific job and company you’re applying for. Even...

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How to write a college resume (and CV!)

Are you looking for a job while still in college? Or looking for work post-graduation or during your gap year? You’re not alone. This year alone, you’ll be competing with many college...

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The Top Must-Have Skills for Your Resume

The job market is becoming ever-more competitive. While the Covid-19 pandemic affected far too many jobs and how people do their jobs in 2020, those effects are expected to carry on...

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Resume Tip Tuesday: Over 60? How to Modernize Your Resume

In a recent letter to Ask The Headhunter, a job-seeking reader decided to confess that he’s a little older than most: "You’d never know it looking at me or talking to me, but… I’m 64! I learned...

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Resume Tip Tuesday: Lessons From Steve Jobs Resume

Can you sum up your career in just one page? What about in one line? If not, check out Steve Jobs's resume for inspiration. Steve Jobs is famous, of course, for co-founding Apple. But...

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Resume Tip Tuesday: What is Your Value Proposition?

What is a Value Proposition? Put simply, a value proposition is a statement about exactly what a company can expect to gain by hiring you - both financially and physically. Value propositions...

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Resume Tip Tuesday: The Best Time of Day to Email a Resume

If you've spent hours, days or longer carefully crafting your resume, you might be interested in learning the best time of day to send it out. Just as social media posts and eBay ads have...

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Resume Tip Tuesday: Is it Legal For a Job Application to Ask For My Social Security Number?

Help! A Job Application Form is Asking For My Social Security Number! Is That Legal? If you're reading this, you've probably been asked this very unsettling question by a potential...

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How to List Hobbies and Interests on Your Resume

What is a Resume? A resume is a one page document that you send to potential employers to provide them with information on your work experience and educational background. Sharing...

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What is a CV (and does it matter for your job search)?

The CV, formally known as a Curriculum Vitae (Latin for Course of Life) is one of those job search tools that most job seekers know very little about. It’s one of those terms you’ve probably...

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The Skills Employers Want To See On Your Resume

Your resume is a potential employers window into you and your professional background and aspirations. When paired with a cover letter, it becomes a particularly powerful tool in...

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The Best Hires Are More Than a Resume

Hiring costs money, and for many small businesses, those hiring costs are far from a drop in the bucket. They’ve made many an employer initiate a rigorous process of interviewing and...

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