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Top 10 Professional Skills to Include in Your Resume

At some point in your resume, you will need to include the skills you would bring to the table for your future employer. If you have the skills they are looking for you have a better chance...

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The Difference Between Calculating Percentage, Percentage Change and Difference

We use percentages to understand statistics, make partial payments or down payments, and to determine totals when applying discounts at the store. Whatever the need, being able...

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Proper Ways to Address and Fill Out an Envelope

When sending a letter, envelope, or parcel it is important to know how to address the letter so that it gets to the correct location and person. If an address is incorrectly labeled it...

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Key Character Traits for Success in the Workplace

It's hard not to feel disillusioned when you realize that your company is not as aligned with who you are and what you want to contribute to the world. You might feel like you're not engaged...

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The Top 10 Most Common Interview Questions

Knowing and preparing answers to a few general interview questions ahead of time can help ease nerves in the interview room. Here are the most frequent questions you will come across...

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How to Write a Cover Letter

What is a cover letter and why would you need one? Cover letters are typically a one-page introduction in the form of a formal letter that gives some professional background as to who...

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Setting Smart Goals for Your Career Endeavors

Goal setting. It’s many people’s best dream and worst nightmare. On the one hand, we love to set goals and dream big about where we’ll be in the next 10 years, 5 years--or many times, the next...

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Ask and Answer These Interview Questions at Your Next Job Interview

Oftentimes, job interviews can bring out the jitters in even the most confident among us. But with a little (or even better, a lot) of preparation, anyone can feel ready to march in and...

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Job Hunting Tips in a Post-Lockdown World

Are you looking for a job in 2021? We’ve got your back, and the resources to help you meet your goal. 2020 was a truly difficult year for far too many people, not to mention the businesses...

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How to become an Electrician

Across the country, from coast to coast, electrical contracting has become quite the thriving industry. With more than 70,000 electrical contracting firms nationwide, and 650...

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