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Highest paid trade jobs

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a college degree to get a great job.  College isn’t for everyone. While studying arts, science and literature might thrill some people, others...

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The Top Must-Have Skills for Your Resume

The job market is becoming ever-more competitive. While the Covid-19 pandemic affected far too many jobs and how people do their jobs in 2020, those effects are expected to carry on...

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CareerBliss on Culture: Hilton Worldwide Has Culture of Hospitality

Hilton Worldwide is known for pleasing guests at its global network of posh properties and service-focused hotels. Employees of the luxury lodging giant are also pleased: Hilton...

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Resume Tip Tuesday: Over 60? How to Modernize Your Resume

In a recent letter to Ask The Headhunter, a job-seeking reader decided to confess that he’s a little older than most: "You’d never know it looking at me or talking to me, but… I’m 64! I learned...

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Real Life Rituals and Superstitions for Job Search Luck

Superstitions usually kick in when you’ve done everything you possibly can do to prepare for your big moment -- the pressure is on and you just need something a little extra so you can...

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Resume Tip Tuesday: Lessons From Steve Jobs Resume

Can you sum up your career in just one page? What about in one line? If not, check out Steve Jobs's resume for inspiration. Steve Jobs is famous, of course, for co-founding Apple. But...

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Resume Tip Tuesday: What is Your Value Proposition?

What is a Value Proposition? Put simply, a value proposition is a statement about exactly what a company can expect to gain by hiring you - both financially and physically. Value propositions...

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Resume Tip Tuesday: The Best Time of Day to Email a Resume

If you've spent hours, days or longer carefully crafting your resume, you might be interested in learning the best time of day to send it out. Just as social media posts and eBay ads have...

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Resume Tip Tuesday: Is it Legal For a Job Application to Ask For My Social Security Number?

Help! A Job Application Form is Asking For My Social Security Number! Is That Legal? If you're reading this, you've probably been asked this very unsettling question by a potential...

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6 Odd Jobs You Can't Believe Actually Exist

When you're considering your future career, you probably roll through all the traditional candidates like teacher, doctor, accountant, or even artist. These well-known jobs offer...

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