How to Prepare for a Manager Interview?

As a manager, you are expected to lead and motivate a team to achieve the organization's goals. However, before you can become a manager, you need to pass the interview process. Preparing...

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Interview Attire Etiquette

In the business world, first impressions are everything. How you dress can communicate a lot about your professionalism, attention to detail, and respect for the company and its...

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How to Write a Post Interview Thank-You Letter

A job interview is important because its your chance to present yourself as a suitable candidate for the role. Its helpful and often expected that you follow through with a written...

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What to wear to a job interview

What you wear to a job interview can say a lot about you to a potential employer. As a result, this can be a baffling and stressful aspect of the interview process, and in fact the entire...

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Questions to ask in your next job interview

Job interviews are built on questions and answers. While for a majority of any job interview, you will be the one responding to questions and prompts, it doesn’t end there. An interview...

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How to write a good follow-up email after your interview

As a job seeker, you’ve no doubt breathed a sigh of relief as you’ve walked out of an interview, thankful that you made it through with minimal jitters, and excited for the next steps. But...

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How to prepare for an interview

Securing an interview is one of the happiest moments of a job seekers life. It’s the moment that affirm that all the hard work and long hours you’ve put in over the last weeks or months have...

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Write Your Best Post-Interview Thank You Letter Today

When you think of the job hunt, you probably think of searching job boards for open positions, talking to friends about their companies, applying for jobs, phone interviews, video...

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Improve Your Business By Asking These Questions During the Exit Interview

In 2018, job resignation rose for the 6th consecutive year. With more job available (like the 312,000 jobs added to the market in December 2018) employees aren’t as afraid to take a voluntary...

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3 Tips for Conducting a Great Video Interview

With the world as connected as it is, it's no surprise that video interviews are becoming increasingly more important in many company's interview strategies. Phone interviews are...

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3 Helpful Tips for Conducting a Successful Phone Interview

Before bringing scheduling an in-person interview with a candidate, conducting a phone interview will save you a bit time in helping you determine if they are truly qualified for...

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5 Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Getting the right candidate in the door can be challenging, which is why it's crucial you are as prepared as possible for the interview phase. In order to learn the most you can about...

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