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What Makes a Good Manager?

Any thriving business depends on the function and strength of their managers. Management includes any person that is involved with directing the company and it’s workers in order...

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Differences Between Undergraduate and Graduate Study

Higher education is an official way to get foundational knowledge in any field or discipline you plan to make your career. Different types of higher education offer different levels...

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Calculating Probability

Probability can come in handy when determining the likelihood of a win, projecting sales growth, and using data to predict what will happen in certain circumstances. Knowing the...

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The 4 main types of communication and how to improve them

Having excellent communication skills aren’t just a set of words for your resume, but an actual skill needed in an efficient and healthy workplace. Communication skills are defined...

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What is Magna Cum Laude vs. Summa Cum Laude?

Educational programs like high school or college programs in the United States, have several academic achievements that can be awarded to individual students for their grades....

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Calculating Your Annual Income

Sometimes it is unclear how much money you will accumulate by the end of each year, but it can be easy to determine your annual income using a few simple calculations. It’s helpful to consider...

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How Many Work Hours in a Year

Why it’s important to know how many hours you work per year It’s important to calculate the number of hours you work per year to determine the level of your work life balance. Also, It can...

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How to Write a Proper Address

With emails and text messaging becoming more accepted in business and formal situations, physical mail or snail mail is less prevalent. However there is still a need for mailing physical...

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How to Format a Business Letter

At some point in your career you may need to or be required to write a formal business letter. You will need to use a business letter format for many professional inquiries, including...

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How to Become a Phlebotomist

A career that may be worth exploring is becoming a phlebotomist, especially if you are someone who wants to help people and aren’t too squeamish around blood. A phlebotomy technician...

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