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We've calculated that the average salary at Sprint is $51K based on 10,321 user-submitted salaries A total of 1,071 Sprint employees gave Sprint an average happiness rating of 4.0 out of 5.0.

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Sprint, now part of T-Mobile, is a renowned telecommunications company in the United States. With a rich history and a strong presence in the industry, Sprint offers a wide range of job opportunities for individuals seeking rewarding careers in telecommunications. Whether you are interested in sales, customer service, technology, or management, Sprint provides a diverse array of job profiles to suit various skills and interests.

Sprint takes pride in its talented workforce and values its employees as key assets. As of the latest available data, Sprint employed thousands of dedicated professionals across the country. This sizable workforce is a testament to the company's commitment to providing excellent service and innovative solutions to its customers.

When it comes to salaries, Sprint offers competitive compensation packages to attract and retain top talent. The annual salaries at Sprint vary depending on the job profile, level of experience, and location. For example, sales representatives can earn an approximate annual salary ranging from $40,000 to $70,000, while software developers may earn between $80,000 and $130,000 annually. These figures are just a glimpse of the salary ranges at Sprint, and the actual salaries may differ based on various factors.

Sprint provides a range of exciting career opportunities across different departments and functions. Whether you are interested in working directly with customers, developing cutting-edge technologies, managing teams, or driving business strategies, there are positions available to match your skills and aspirations.

For individuals passionate about sales and customer service, Sprint offers positions such as sales representatives and customer service associates. These roles involve engaging with customers, understanding their needs, and providing them with the best solutions and services. With a focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences, these roles require strong interpersonal skills, communication abilities, and a customer-centric mindset.

In the technology field, Sprint offers opportunities for network engineers, software developers, systems administrators, and IT support technicians. These roles involve designing, implementing, and maintaining network infrastructure, developing software solutions, managing systems and databases, and providing technical support to ensure seamless operations. With rapid advancements in technology, these roles play a crucial role in delivering reliable and efficient telecommunications services.

Sprint also has career paths in areas such as business analysis, marketing, finance, human resources, project management, and supply chain management. These functions contribute to the overall success of the company by driving strategic initiatives, analyzing market trends, managing finances, attracting and developing talent, and optimizing operational processes.

At Sprint, employees have the opportunity to grow professionally through training programs, career development resources, and a supportive work environment. The company values diversity, inclusion, and collaboration, fostering a culture where individuals can thrive and contribute their unique perspectives.

In conclusion, Sprint offers a wide range of job opportunities with competitive salaries and a supportive work environment. With its strong presence in the telecommunications industry, Sprint provides exciting career paths for individuals looking to make an impact in this dynamic field. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your career, Sprint welcomes talented individuals who are passionate about delivering exceptional telecommunications services to customers across the United States.

Top 20 job profiles in the United States offered by Sprint, ranked by average salary:

Job Profile Annual Salary (Approx.)
Sales Representative $40,000 - $70,000
Customer Service Associate $30,000 - $45,000
Retail Store Manager $45,000 - $75,000
Network Engineer $70,000 - $120,000
Software Developer $80,000 - $130,000
Systems Administrator $60,000 - $100,000
Business Analyst $70,000 - $110,000
Marketing Specialist $50,000 - $80,000
Finance Analyst $60,000 - $100,000
Human Resources Manager $70,000 - $120,000
Project Manager $80,000 - $130,000
IT Support Technician $40,000 - $60,000
Operations Manager $60,000 - $100,000
Quality Assurance Analyst $60,000 - $90,000
Data Analyst $70,000 - $110,000
Field Technician $40,000 - $70,000
Marketing Manager $80,000 - $130,000
Product Manager $90,000 - $140,000
Supply Chain Analyst $60,000 - $100,000
Telecommunications Engineer $70,000 - $120,000

Please note that these salary ranges are approximate and can vary based on factors such as location, experience, and job level within the organization. It's always recommended to refer to the latest job listings and salary surveys for more accurate and up-to-date information.

FAQs: Q: What is Sprint? A: Sprint is a telecommunications company that offers wireless and wireline communications products and services. It provides mobile network services, devices, and solutions to individual consumers, businesses, and government organizations.

Q: Is Sprint still in operation? A: No, Sprint is no longer an independent company. It merged with T-Mobile in April 2020 to create a combined entity known as "New T-Mobile." The merger brought together the strengths of both companies to provide an enhanced network and expanded services.

Q: What career opportunities are available at Sprint? A: Sprint offers a wide range of career opportunities in various fields such as sales, customer service, technology, marketing, finance, and more. Job roles include sales representatives, network engineers, software developers, project managers, and marketing specialists, among others.

Q: How can I apply for a job at Sprint? A: To apply for a job at Sprint, you can visit their official website or job portal. Browse through the available positions, select the one that matches your skills and interests, and follow the application instructions provided.

Q: What are the benefits of working at Sprint? A: Sprint provides its employees with a comprehensive benefits package that includes competitive salaries, health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, employee discounts, career development programs, and a supportive work environment.

Q: Does Sprint offer internships or co-op programs? A: Yes, Sprint offers internships and co-op programs for students and recent graduates. These programs provide valuable work experience, mentorship opportunities, and exposure to the telecommunications industry.

Q: What is the company culture like at Sprint? A: Sprint fosters a culture of diversity, inclusion, and collaboration. It values teamwork, innovation, and customer focus. The company encourages employees to bring their ideas, skills, and perspectives to contribute to its success.

Q: Is Sprint committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility? A: Yes, Sprint has a strong commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. It focuses on reducing its environmental impact, supporting local communities through philanthropic initiatives, and promoting ethical business practices.

Q: How does Sprint support employee development and growth? A: Sprint offers various training and development programs to support employee growth. These may include professional development workshops, leadership training, mentoring programs, and tuition reimbursement for continuing education.

Q: What is the future of Sprint under the T-Mobile merger? A: With the merger between Sprint and T-Mobile, the future of Sprint is now integrated into the new combined company, "New T-Mobile." The merger aims to provide an expanded and improved network, innovative services, and better customer experiences.

What jobs pay the most at Sprint?

Director of Training and Development is the highest paying job at Sprint at $188,000 annually.

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