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We currently have 3 open jobs at FedEx. We've calculated that the average salary at FedEx is $35K based on 7,859 user-submitted salaries A total of 955 FedEx employees gave FedEx an average happiness rating of 3.9 out of 5.0.

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York, PA
This position is domiciled in York, PA and the shift is Monday-Friday (onsite position) General Summary The Manager, Implementation Technology...
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FedEx Careers & Info

As a global leader in shipping, e-commerce, and supply chain solutions, FedEx offers a wide range of job opportunities for individuals who are passionate about delivering excellence.

With over 500,000 employees worldwide, FedEx has built a strong reputation for its commitment to service, innovation, and reliability. Operating in more than 220 countries and territories, the company is known for its iconic purple and orange branding and its ability to connect people and businesses across the globe.

At FedEx, employees are the backbone of the organization. Their diverse talents, skills, and backgrounds contribute to the company's success in delivering packages, providing exceptional customer service, and driving innovation in the logistics industry. Whether you're interested in operations, customer service, technology, sales, or management, there's a place for you at FedEx.

Salaries at FedEx vary depending on the position, location, and experience. The company believes in fair compensation and offers competitive salaries and benefits packages to attract and retain top talent. Employees at FedEx enjoy a range of benefits, including healthcare coverage, retirement plans, paid time off, employee discounts, and opportunities for career development and advancement.

FedEx values its employees and recognizes their contributions through various recognition programs and incentives. The company fosters a culture of respect, teamwork, and collaboration, where every employee is encouraged to bring their unique perspectives and ideas to the table. FedEx is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workforce that reflects the communities it serves.

When it comes to career opportunities, FedEx offers a wide array of roles across different functions and levels. From entry-level positions to leadership roles, there are ample opportunities to grow and advance within the company. Whether you're interested in becoming a package handler, a delivery driver, a customer service representative, an IT specialist, a sales executive, or a supply chain manager, FedEx has a place for you.

FedEx is also committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning and development. The company provides training programs, resources, and support to help employees enhance their skills and knowledge. Through these initiatives, employees have the opportunity to expand their capabilities and take on new challenges, ultimately driving their personal and professional growth.

As a global organization, FedEx is at the forefront of technological advancements in the logistics industry. The company embraces innovation and invests in cutting-edge technologies to improve efficiency, optimize operations, and enhance the customer experience. By joining FedEx, you'll be part of a team that leverages technology to drive progress and shape the future of logistics.

If you're ready to embark on an exciting career journey with FedEx, explore the job opportunities available through our directory. You'll find a wide range of positions across different locations, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your skills, interests, and career goals.

Join the FedEx team and be part of a company that delivers possibilities. Start your journey today and discover the countless opportunities that await you at FedEx.

Please note that the information provided here is based on general knowledge about FedEx. It's always recommended to visit the official FedEx website or contact their HR department for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding job applications, salaries, benefits, and specific career paths within the company.

Top 20 job profiles in the United States offered by FedEx, ranked by average salary:

Job Title Annual Salary
Senior Software Engineer $122,500
Senior Project Manager $118,500
Software Engineer $101,000
Business Analyst $72,500
Package Handler $27,000
Delivery Driver $41,000
Operations Manager $74,000
Customer Service Representative $35,000
Sales Associate $25,000
Administrative Assistant $39,000
Retail Sales Consultant $32,000
Warehouse Worker $33,000
Account Executive $63,000
Package Delivery Driver $44,000
Maintenance Technician $47,000
Material Handler $31,000
Customer Service Manager $50,500
Supply Chain Analyst $63,500
Service Agent $31,000
Financial Analyst $66,000

Please note that these salaries are based on available data and may vary based on factors such as location, experience, and education level.


Q: What is FedEx and what does the company do?

A: FedEx is a multinational delivery services company that provides a wide range of transportation, e-commerce, and business services. It offers express shipping, logistics solutions, freight forwarding, and supply chain management services to businesses and individuals worldwide.

Q: How can I track my FedEx package?

A: You can track your FedEx package by using the tracking number provided to you at the time of shipment. Simply visit the FedEx website or use the mobile app, enter the tracking number, and you will be able to see the real-time status and location of your package.

Q: How can I apply for a job at FedEx?

A: To apply for a job at FedEx, you can visit the company's official website and navigate to the "Careers" section. There you will find a list of available job opportunities and can submit your application online by following the instructions provided.

Q: What are the career opportunities at FedEx?

A: FedEx offers a wide range of career opportunities across various fields and disciplines. Some common career paths include operations, customer service, sales, logistics, IT, finance, marketing, and management. There are also opportunities for professional growth and advancement within the company.

Q: What are the employee benefits offered by FedEx?

A: FedEx provides comprehensive employee benefits that may include health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, employee discounts, tuition assistance, career development programs, and more. The specific benefits may vary depending on factors such as job position and location.

Q: How does FedEx ensure the security and safety of packages?

A: FedEx has robust security and safety measures in place to protect the packages it handles. This includes advanced tracking systems, secure transportation protocols, strict handling procedures, and surveillance systems. Additionally, FedEx works closely with regulatory authorities to comply with all security regulations.

Q: Does FedEx offer international shipping services?

A: Yes, FedEx offers international shipping services to over 220 countries and territories worldwide. It provides a range of options for international shipments, including express delivery, customs clearance assistance, and shipment tracking.

Q: How can I contact FedEx customer service?

A: You can contact FedEx customer service by visiting the company's website and navigating to the "Contact Us" or "Customer Support" section. There you will find options to contact FedEx via phone, email, or live chat. You can also reach out to FedEx customer service through social media channels.

Q: What is the average delivery time for FedEx shipments?

A: The average delivery time for FedEx shipments depends on the service level chosen at the time of shipment. FedEx offers various delivery options, including overnight, two-day, and ground services. The estimated delivery time will be provided to you at the time of shipment.

Q: Does FedEx offer solutions for businesses?

A: Yes, FedEx provides a range of business solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses. These solutions include shipping and logistics services, supply chain management, e-commerce solutions, fulfillment services, and custom solutions for specific industries.

What jobs pay the most at FedEx?

Finance Manager is the highest paying job at FedEx at $126,000 annually.

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