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Operations Representatives at Zerve give their company a 1.3 out of 5.0, while the average rating for Zerve is 3.8, making them 98% less happy than every other employee at Zerve and 89% less happy than every other Operations Representative on CareerBliss - the happiest Operations Representatives work for Best Buy.

Average Rating
(based on 1 Operations Representative Review Rating)
Operations Representative
in New York City, NY

"Extremely poor. One of the worst jobs I have ever had."

What do you like about working at Zerve?

"The other customer service reps and college interns on the whole were an intelligent and friendly group of people. Everything else about the company and position was abysmal."

Do you have any tips for others interviewing with this company?

"Don't. There are other jobs out there. If you insist on interviewing with Zerve, then negotiate a great starting pay rate/salary and a schedule that works for you. Otherwise, you will be sorry."

What don't you like about working at Zerve?

"- The starting salary is very low, and any raises you receive are not much of an improvement.- The schedules are difficult to cope with, with some morning shifts and some night shifts. A typical schedule for new employees almost always involves one shift in which you work until 10 PM, followed by an 8 AM shift the following day. - The job ad makes it seem like an exciting travel and leisure/technology company, but the reality is that you are working at a call center, answering the phone non-stop all day while attempting to complete other projects on the side. Doing any task while answering a telephone every five minutes is frustrating and positively unproductive.- The office always seems to be understaffed, meaning that you feel chained to your desk because the phones never stop ringing and you get chewed out if you miss your turn to pick up a call. - You have to call out bathroom loudly every single time you need to run to the restroom. This is an embarrassing and very juvenile thing to have to do at your place of employment.- Most employees eat lunch at their desks while answering phones every few minutes because there is no lunch/break area. If you are sitting at your desk you HAVE to answer the phone, so most employees choked their food down while picking up calls. This was one of the most frustrating, saddening and inhumane aspects of working for this company.- Due to the understaffed office, you are strongly discouraged from ever calling out sick even if you are very ill. - There are ZERO holidays at this company as they are open 365 days a year. You may have to celebrate New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, Passover, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and/or Christmas at work.- There is no HR department at this company, leading employees to feel lost when needing to report something they are concerned about and/or dissatisfied with.- Employees work insane amounts of unpaid overtime. All full-time staff work close to 60 hour weeks at this company with no overtime compensation.- The tiny office that I primarily worked in had no windows and was extremely depressing.- New employees come and go quite frequently, and the high employee turnover is not surprising considering how poorly managed the company is.- There was a lot of resentment in the office directed at management due to their inability to inspire the staff, and a lack of transparency.- I strongly suspect that the positive reviews for Zerve on this site are not genuine."

What suggestions do you have for management?

"Create an HR department. Create a lunch area/room so that employees can eat their lunch in peace. Request honest feedback from your employees and be open to critiques about the work environment and management style in order to improve work conditions at Zerve. Your business may be profitable and growing, but your employees are very unhappy."

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