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United States Army: Latest Job Openings, Reviews and Ratings & Profile wise Salary Distribution

We've calculated that the average salary at United States Army is $42K based on 12,454 user-submitted salaries A total of 2,066 United States Army employees gave United States Army an average happiness rating of 4.1 out of 5.0.

United States Army Salary Distribution

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United States Army Careers & Info

The United States Army is the largest branch of the United States Armed Forces, responsible for the defense of the country both domestically and abroad. The Army has evolved into a modern, technologically advanced force with a wide variety of career opportunities for individuals interested in serving their country while pursuing a rewarding career.

The United States Army has approximately 485,000 active-duty soldiers, with an additional 189,000 soldiers in the Army National Guard and 200,000 in the Army Reserve. The Army has a presence in over 140 countries, with a wide range of job opportunities both domestically and abroad.

The Army offers competitive salaries and benefits, with pay based on rank and years of service.

There are a wide range of career opportunities available in the Army, with over 150 different job specialties to choose from. Some of the most popular career paths include infantry, aviation, engineering, healthcare, and information technology. Soldiers may also have the opportunity to pursue advanced education and training through the Army, with programs such as the Army Continuing Education System (ACES) and the Army Career Tracker.

In addition to career opportunities, the Army offers a wide range of benefits to soldiers and their families. These benefits include healthcare, retirement plans, and educational opportunities. Soldiers may also be eligible for housing allowances, life insurance, and other benefits.

The Army is committed to diversity and inclusion, with a focus on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all soldiers. The Army offers a range of programs and resources to support soldiers and their families, including the Soldier for Life program, which provides assistance with transitioning to civilian life after leaving the Army.

Top 20 job profiles in the United States offered by United States Army, ranked by average salary:

Job Title Annual Salary Range (in USD)
Infantryman 21,250 - 64,410
Special Forces Officer 37,292 - 186,994
Military Intelligence Specialist 25,500 - 103,034
Combat Medic 22,834 - 74,701
Cyber Operations Specialist 38,907 - 145,064
Aircraft Mechanic 23,410 - 75,746
Military Police Officer 34,862 - 132,237
Field Artillery Officer 37,292 - 186,994
Civil Affairs Officer 37,292 - 186,994
Logistics Officer 37,292 - 186,994
Human Resources Specialist 22,771 - 78,353
Signal Officer 37,292 - 186,994
Dental Officer 55,241 - 185,672
Judge Advocate General 75,817 - 221,944
Aviation Officer 37,292 - 186,994
Engineer Officer 37,292 - 186,994
Chaplain 29,721 - 118,781
Tank and Automotive Mechanic 24,412 - 79,414
Psychological Operations Specialist 27,997 - 105,410
Physician 120,000 - 200,000

Please note that these salaries are based on available data and may vary based on factors such as location, experience, and education level.


What is the minimum age requirement to join the Army?

The minimum age requirement to join the Army is 17 years old with parental consent, or 18 years old without parental consent.

What is the minimum education requirement to join the Army?

The minimum education requirement to join the Army is a high school diploma or equivalent. However, some positions may require additional education or specific certifications.

What is the recruitment process like for the Army?

The recruitment process for the Army typically involves meeting with a recruiter, taking a physical fitness test, completing a medical examination, taking the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test, and undergoing a background check.

What types of jobs are available in the Army?

The Army offers a wide range of job opportunities, including combat roles, healthcare roles, engineering roles, and administrative roles.

What is the salary for a soldier in the Army?

The salary for a soldier in the Army varies depending on rank and years of service. As of 2023, a new recruit with less than two years of experience earns a base pay of $20,490 per year, while a sergeant with eight years of experience earns a base pay of $42,480 per year.

What benefits does the Army offer?

The Army offers a variety of benefits, including healthcare, housing, retirement savings plans, education assistance, and paid time off.

What is the commitment required to join the Army?

The commitment required to join the Army varies depending on the specific job and contract. Most soldiers sign up for a minimum of four years of active duty, followed by additional years in the reserves.

Is there a physical fitness requirement to join the Army?

Yes, there is a physical fitness requirement to join the Army. Recruits must pass a physical fitness test, which includes push-ups, sit-ups, and a timed two-mile run.

Can women join the Army?

Yes, women can join the Army and serve in any role they are qualified for.

What is the Army's policy on tattoos?

The Army has updated its policy on tattoos and now allows soldiers to have tattoos on their hands and back of their necks, as long as the tattoos are not offensive, extremist, or racist in nature. Tattoos on the face, neck, and hands that are visible in the Army's physical fitness uniform are still prohibited.

What jobs pay the most at United States Army?

Product Manager is the highest paying job at United States Army at $141,000 annually.

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