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We've calculated that the average salary at United States Census Bureau is $35K based on 1,097 user-submitted salaries A total of 127 United States Census Bureau employees gave United States Census Bureau an average happiness rating of 4.1 out of 5.0.

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Current Director: Robert Groves

Status: Active

The United States Census Bureau, also known as the Bureau of the Census, is a government agency that is responsible for taking the census in America. This agency is a part of the United States Department of Commerce, a leading source of data about the population and economy of the country. It is responsible for gathering national demographic and economic data. The role of the United States Census Bureau is to perform a decennial count of the people residing and living in the US. The census is taken to determine the distribution of Congressional seats to each state, as mandated by the US constitution.

The data collected by the United States Census Bureau is used to make changes in community planning decisions that include providing services to the elderly, building new roads, schools and job training centers. Additionally, the data also affects the funding in the community for neighborhood improvement, education, transportation and public health.

The United States Census Bureau is a great agency to work with. The task may seem a bit challenging, but the rewards are unquestionably rewarding for employees. Those who work for this agency receive ample benefits. The United States Census Bureau benefits include competitive employee compensation, long term life insurance, flexible spending accounts, social security and retirement plans. Regular employees will also be eligible for federal holidays, leave analysis and pay period scheduling.

Working at United States Census Bureau gives potential candidates a chance to travel in different cities and states in the US. The agency provides data about the number of people living in the US. This means that employees will be able to work on the road, doing surveys and research about the nation''s population. The work is relatively easy. Employees have to travel, gather data and submit reports.

The Bureau of the Census culture is based on providing accurate information for the government. This agency makes sure that the data acquired is precise to ensure that correct information is provided. The agency will also ensure that their employees work as a team with excellent collaboration to gather accurate data about the population in the US.

Potential employees can have excellent United States Census Bureau careers. Though much of the work available is only temporary, the benefits for full time employees are incredible. Employees will also be able to deal with lots of people and meet interesting individuals in the US.

What jobs pay the most at United States Census Bureau?

Configuration Management Lead is the highest paying job at United States Census Bureau at $131,000 annually.

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