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What's it like to be a Area Manager?

We have 268 Area Manager jobs nationwide. The average Area Manager salary is $61,000 annually, -$4K (6%) less than the average national salary. Statistically, Area Managers are very happy with their career.

$61,000 Average Salary

Employee Reviews (397 reviews)

3.8 out of 5 stars
  • Area Manager @ OYO in Dallas, TX

    "OYO Rooms and technology is the first technology startup I've ever work for in the U.S. They have offered me a great chance to develop additional skills in contrast to many other companies that create barriers. Our teams are very collaborative, honest, respectful and we work through our challenges with strong communication, both virtually, by phone and in-person. I enjoy the autonomy to create my own work schedule, process our objectives, design needed improvements, implement these processes, and consult on branding projects with our partner-owners. I have also traveled to several states to onboard new owners with our tech services as well as coached ownership through some legal issues to mitigate risks. Working remotely is ideal for me and my currently position offers the almost perfect balance of work-life balances for me. My annual compensation package has been an added bonus compared to the benefits of my work environment and our colleagues here at OYO!"

  • Area Manager @ in Orlando, FL

    "I worked for Amazon for 2 years. I was promoted twice to Area Manager within exactly 1 calendar year so I must have been doing something right. The overall environment of the Fulfillment Centers is very challenging in positive and negative ways. If you value pushing yourself to areas you did not know were possible then you can come out with a positive experience that can be used for any walk of life. However, if I think about the overall experience, I would confidently say that the culture is extremely toxic. There is no better way to say it than just say it. There are way too many people who are in positions of leadership that are insanely under qualified. I had Operations Managers who had no idea how to talk to people. Managers who would sit in an office all day on YouTube and make their supervisors run the shift. The HR representatives (that are remote/not on site) give you ZERO CONFIDENCE when slippery issues arise. They also have a track record of paying external talent INSANELY MORE than associates who were promoted from within. I was making $10-15k less than my fellow managers who were external applicants. You get less stock units and less salary. Everybody talks. The competition revolves around a toxic culture of taking credit for anything and everything as simple as hanging a sign on a door. You absolutely can't just get the numbers and results with this company, you have to be able to play serious politics with a bunch of people who are terrible at their job and are terrible at communicating with other humans. The running joke/theme was you have to play the game of CYA (cover your ass). The micromanaging from Ops is brutal as well. You are a manager yet are rarely trusted to manage without someone hawking over your shoulder. I take everything as a learning experience, I have the right attitude and anything I learned will be used to forward myself and others. Sometimes negative experiences are the most valuable ones."

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