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Pest Control Technicians at Terminix give their company a 2.0 out of 5.0, while the average rating for Terminix is 3.0, making them 40% less happy than every other employee at Terminix and 46% less happy than every other Pest Control Technician on CareerBliss - the happiest Pest Control Technicians work for Terminix.

Average Rating
(based on 1 Pest Control Technician Review Rating)
Pest Control Technician
Work Setting 2.4 / 5 Support You Get 1.7 / 5 Rewards You Receive 1.4 / 5
Growth Opportunities 1.2 / 5 Company Culture 1.1 / 5 Way You Work 4 / 5
Pest Control Technician
in Cleveland, OH


What do you like about working at Terminix?

"I enjoy the nature of the work."

Do you have any tips for others interviewing with this company?

"Don't work for Terminix. They think they own you. There are much better pest control companies to work for that will treat you like a real human being and not take advantage of you. If you have a family and/or want a personal life, this isn't the company to work for. Expect lots of stress trying to work their impossible work schedules and being told you have to work on your day off with less than 24 hours notice. Their pay plan is next to impossible to figure out on your own so you have no idea if you are being paid correctly or not. Their benefits are less than what most smaller companies offer. They charge you to use their trucks and wear their uniforms. They charge you if you get into an accident even if it's not your fault. You'll also be written up over the stupidest things like if you use too much or not enough chemical or if you're at a stop one minute less than what they recommend or if you use rodent bait without management approval or use a B&G sprayer to treat inside a home or if you don't sell extra services, etc. Most technicians walk on egg shells wondering if they'll have a job next week. You'll also be forced to make collection calls and money is deducted from your pay whenever anyone quits the service whether you had anything to do with it or not. Also, you have to participate in various contests so your manager can win a tropical vacation. Failure to participate will result in being written up or a suspension. You'll do this without appreciation of your time and effort. You won't even get a decent Christmas bonus for all you do for them. We got a tin of cookies this year. Oh boy!! Now I can really feed my family! What a joke."

What don't you like about working at Terminix?

"Without a doubt, the worst pest control company I ever worked for because they're very unorganized. Can't seem to get it together when it comes to scheduling appointments (it's not rocket science, people!). They waste so much time, money, and effort micro managing people that they loose touch with reality and common sense. Whatever happened to good old fashioned pest control and excellent customer service Has Terminix forgotten what this business is all about Obviously they have."

What suggestions do you have for management?

"They need a reality check. Just about everything they do lacks common sense. They are more interested in the numbers and have lost touch with what the customer really wants. Start treating employees with respect and give the customer what they want. Then the numbers will follow. Management promises the world but the reality is very different. Total lack of respect and honesty towards fellow employees and customers alike. They think nothing of ripping a customer off as long as they get the sale. It's pathetic at best and totally unethical and unprofessional. I'm amazed this company is still in business. Especially with all the lawsuits pending in various states throughout the country for unethical business practices. That alone should tell you something. Doesn't sound like management is practicing our Code of Quality Assurance now does it I don't understand how the owner of this company can be so out of touch as to what's going on. Does he even know anything about pest control and basic customer service Doesn't he want to make this company better If I was his boss he would be fired for creating such an unorganized mess. Of course, I'm just a pee-on technician so what do I know, right"

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