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Center Coordinator
in San Bernardino, CA

What do you like about working at Pearson?

"My experience with the Pearson Community Center as the Center Coordinator was bitter/sweet. I did acquire some new skills and exposure to other areas for future knowledge. I obtained training in the recreational software program of Safari (Recware). I also got a glimpse of how Clark County, NV operated with the usual political and organizational games that people play. Lastly, I had an oportunity to open and work in a brand new Community Center."

Do you have any tips for others interviewing with this company?

"If they are interviewing for the Center Ccoordinator's position to make sure that they have a direct line to the CEO. Allowed to make decisions concerning the Center, and allow to give their input in the hiring of new personnel and not be forced to take someone that HR wanted. Lastly, a faster response time in implementing classes, activities, and programs."

What don't you like about working at Pearson?

"My experience with the Pearson Community Center as the Center Coordinator was bitter/sweet. There was an absolute lack of communication between upper management and middle mangement. the communication lines were totally disruptive and broken the majority of the time. We had several meetings concerning the lack of communication and following the chain of command. As the Center Coordinator, I had no input as to the hiring of my staff (new additional personnel). Concerning the Center decisions were made without my knowledge and/or given the opportunity to voice my input. Everytime I wanted to implement a contract class and/or program it was shot down by the COO (chief operating officer). He had very little knowledge and/or expereince in the daily operating functions of a Community Center. Thus the clients of the community were upset with the lack of activities fom the Center."

What suggestions do you have for management?

"I am still in contact with a couple of my staff memebers that with a total change of leadership from top to bottom that nothing as improved at the Center. My suggestion(s) is to implement a number of activities, contract classes, and programs for the stakeholders of the commuity. The existing personnel needs to be held accountable for their actions and the lack of control at the Center. The most experience personnel at the Center is not beeing used to the fullest potential of her abilities and that is the Special Events Coordinator. She needs to be the Center Coordinator,"

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