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What's it like to be a Merchandiser?

We have 16,209 Merchandiser jobs nationwide. The average Merchandiser salary is $28,000 annually, -$38K (80%) less than the average national salary. Statistically, Merchandisers are very happy with their career.

$28,000 Average Salary

Employee Reviews (245 reviews)

3.6 out of 5 stars
  • "I am reluctant to tax the reader with a tediously prolix description of what merchandising and reset-work entails. If you are applying for a merchandising job you probably know about reading a planogram, moving shelves and product, etc. Also a modicom of forethought whispers in your ear that this job includes a mixture of short and long distances."

  • "Footprint solutions, is a merchandising company. i worked there for 2 1/2 years. for some people the job could last a long time. for others the job is like a temporary job. helping out the regular employees by working their jobs while they need time off to recuperate from the jobs they do on a daily basis. security stickering general merchandise and health and beauty aids. during covid there was a need to help stock in the store and recover straighten product on the shelf. and back stock and a bit of dust mopping. most of the time its resetting store areas and security tagging. with any repetitive work after a few years they may let you go. and theres lots of traveling in the area where you live and sometimes even further away travel. and they do try to be fair in paying and reimbursement for gas and drive time. and perdiem (food and essential costs while traveling), when hotel stay is required. they pay hotel costs. and they are very helpful to get the job done. just not always the best job because they replace people alot but keep certain ones. good job for the duration however long that might be. and like most jobs if you have very little college they pay poorly. do i recommend the company ceo, i dont know, I've dealt very little with company since they are a remote hire usually. i did get a raise during covid a whole dollar an hour. so they were nice and still remained helpful during covid."

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