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Current Director: Ronald Burgess, Lieutenant General

Status: Active

The Defense Intelligence Agency, often abbreviated DIA, is effectively the analogue to the CIA that specifically serves the United States Armed Forces. Like the CIA, the DIA is involved in obtaining, organizing and analyzing intelligence information of importance to the US government. Unlike the CIA, which has a mandate as a civilian agency to engage in active intelligence operations abroad that focus on all aspects of the US national interest, the DIA is specifically concerned with the military capabilities of foreign governments and armed organizations.

Working at DIA facilities does not mean actually enlisting in the armed forces, however. Although military personnel do serve at the DIA, the organization also hires numerous civilian contractors to help analyze the massive quantities of information collected by the DIA''s many assets - human contacts, military intelligence units, and even satellites. The job is much like any other with a government agency, except that employees must undergo mandatory polygraph testing, and a security clearance investigation must be passed.

Defense Intelligence Agency careers include analysts involved in interpreting remote sensing data such as radar emissions, satellite imagery, and other electromagnetic emissions. Other analysts assess the quality of military equipment being designed or deployed by foreign powers. Some employees manage the efforts of others, and others are highly trained technical and scientific advisers who produce detailed reports for internal and external use.

The DIA culture is one of functional management, where individuals are responsible for their area and pass their completed assignments to supervisors. Because of the sensitive and specialized nature of much of the work, there is an element of distance between sub-groups within the DIA. Information sharing is limited because of security clearance differences. However, the DIA culture is also one that recognizes and is proud of its essential role in the US national security infrastructure. Intel generated by the DIA affects personnel engaged in active combat operations, and the culture is one of professionalism and a dedication to providing them with the necessary support.

As a federal agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency benefits program is generous. Four weeks of leave per year, health coverage, and retirement with a pension after 30 years are all time honored benefits of working for any federal branch, including the DIA. Sick time, counseling services, and emergency financial assistance are all part of the organization''s extended benefits. In addition, the organization is keen to promote continuing education for its employees, whose technical expertise must be top notch.

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