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We've calculated that the average salary at Corporate Express is $51K based on 618 user-submitted salaries A total of 71 Corporate Express employees gave Corporate Express an average happiness rating of 4.0 out of 5.0.

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Former CEO: Ronald L. Sargent

Status: Acquired by Staples in 2008

Corporate Express N.V. was originally a Dutch office supply company known as Buhrmann. In 2007, the name was changed to Corporate Express. The business was acquired at the heart of the recession by Staples and has been part of Staples since the acquisition. For large corporation careers that relate to consumer and business office supplies, Staples is a good place to consider reaching a long-term goal.

As with any other company, potential employees of Staples will want to know about the benefits, training, opportunities for growth and culture of the workplace. As with any job, the training provided to employees is a major consideration that relates to the culture and opportunity for success.

The training provided at Staples is good. Most employees will find that they are provided the basic information necessary to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. The exact training will vary depending on the specific job and the amount of training necessary for the appropriate job skill attainment.

Since Corporate Express careers are now part of Staples, the benefits will line up with those provided by the new company. Corporate Express benefits have the same qualifications as Staples. Employees who work at least 20 hours a week are eligible for most benefits provided by the company.

The benefits include health insurance, dental and vision plans, dependent insurances, a 401(k) retirement plan, tuition reimbursement for college students and flexible work hours for a good work-life balance. Employees are also able to access employee assistance services and adoption assistance. Associates of the company are offered paid time off, though this benefit does not apply to positions that receive an hourly wage.

While the training is decent and the benefits are good even for part-time workers, the job environment is another consideration all employees should look at before determining if working at Corporate Express suits personal career goals. The Corporate Express culture has changed to the Staples culture since the acquisition.

The original culture of the office supply business was friendly and respectful of all levels of employment. While the business culture has not changed much with Staples since both companies were client focused, the environment is more corporate. Employees can expect some corporate issues that are common with many large industries including retail sectors. While the culture is slightly more corporate overall, the environment at Staples is laid-back and comfortable for many employees.

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