The CareerBliss Happiest 2021

Posted January 06, 2021

When looking to choose or switch careers you want to consider the level of happiness or satisfaction the current employees in that career are experiencing. Our team at CareerBliss collected and analyzed the key factors that impact workplace happiness from thousands of independent company reviews to derive a BlissScore, or overall job happiness score assigned by real employees. These factors include work environment, compensation, growth opportunities, company culture, reputation, daily tasks, and relationship with boss and co-workers. 

In this article we will examine what the top 10 Happiest Jobs in America were for 2022.

The CareerBliss Happiest Jobs

RankingJob TitleBlissScore
1Software Development Engineer in Test4.516
2Quality Assurance Automation Engineer4.439
4Software QA Engineer4.342
5Full Stack Developer4.313
6Scrum Master4.255
7Law Clerk4.211
8Web developer4.20
9QA Analyst4.197
10DevOps Engineer4.187

What does the Happiest Job list tell us?

Many of the other jobs on this list are jobs that require a clear understanding of when the work is done. For example, jobs within Software Development (such as Software Development in Test, Software Quality Assurance Engineers, and Full Stack Developers) all have projects that have a clear cycle of development and measures of each team's progress. Once a team delivers a version of their software to stakeholders, or the company finishes a huge program launch that transfers into a new phase of the software development cycle, the entire team feels a sense of accomplishment and comradery as they move onto the next project or the next phase. This sense of achievement contributes to the reasons why these developer and analyst roles within Software Engineering are among the happiest jobs of 2022. 

A new job that made the top ten list this year is realtor. With the realty market up at an all time high in 2021 and properties selling at an accelerated pace it’s no wonder that realtors saw an increase in their happiness levels this year. In 2022 homes seemed to sell themselves with cash offers above the asking price very quickly. Realty is a career that has intense competition but also offers flexibility and a reasonable income for those that have negotiation skills and a solid network of people to send them clients. 

The nature behind the happiest jobs listed above tells us that what people find the most satisfying about their jobs are:

  • Working in an industry that fits their flexible lifestyle… 
  • In a job where they feel a sense of accomplishment… 
  • In a subject that the individual truly cares about…
  • With a salary that matches the level of effort they are willing to put in. 

What “CareerBliss” comes down to is finding a job where you can stay interested long enough to experience the growth opportunities while making a decent living. 

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