Job Hunting Tips in a Post-Lockdown World

Posted April 09, 2021

Are you looking for a job in 2021? We’ve got your back, and the resources to help you meet your goal. 

2020 was a truly difficult year for far too many people, not to mention the businesses and companies. But through it, we learned once again what it means to band together, care for our brothers and sisters, support our favorite businesses and help out a neighbor in need.

COVID-19 had a hard-hitting effect on a lot of people. Even those not directly affected by the virus experienced the fallout through the loss of jobs and the inability to work and support themselves and their families. But a new spring is upon us as we peer into April 2021, and we at Careerbliss believe good things are ahead.

If you, like many people, are hitting the job search trail in 2021, here’s what you need to know.

As of the writing of this article, March 20, 2021, lockdown restrictions across the nation have been lifted. While states like California, New Mexico, Wisconsin and Kentucky still have advisories in place, and are still restricting certain businesses such as bars from opening, the majority of states are starting to function as they did before, many even opening their businesses at full capacity. However, that said, businesses are still taking precautions to help ensure the safety of their customers and their staff. 

For some businesses, like grocery stores, there may be plastic shields set up at cash registers to provide some protection to staff and customers in a tight space. For others, like restaurants or shopping malls, this may mean wearing a mask when indoors. As of today, it really depends on the situation in your particular state. Reading your local paper or staying on top of the news can help you know what’s going on at any given time in that regard.

From providing handwashing stations, sanitizing wipes, sanitizing tables and chairs, playgrounds, utilizing masks, face shields or plastic partitions, or maintaining some space, businesses have geared to renew their success in 2021.

While the impact of the pandemic has reached further than any of us can imagine, the good news is that people across the nation and world are beginning to feel confident again about getting back to their lives as the vaccine rollout gains a greater foothold.

2021 Predictions from the Experts

1)A New Roaring ‘20s

The roaring 20s of the last century were a time of positivity, optimism, and a mentality of living life to the fullest. Interestingly, it came on the heels of World War I, and the Spanish Flu--a global pandemic that killed 50 million people globally. Economists predict that as we come out of the COVID era, we might just be entering a new Roaring ‘20s. In fact, UCLA economists have called for an “exuberant vaccine spring…[and] robust growth for some years” to follow the “gloomy COVID winter.” 

2)Remote and Flexible Work Options

As businesses have seen their employees manage the work-from-home lifestyle, and even exceed prior productivity, many company heads are starting to rethink the old office life. Therefore, more companies will likely be offering remote working options, particularly for those who would be safer maintaining some distance. Not only does the remote life promote happier employees who can more easily meet the demands of work and life from home, but it also can help businesses save on overhead costs that come with keeping a physical office.

3)Job creation

Over the course of the lockdowns, many people started saving their money, not knowing what the future held, or when they would be able to go back to work. While this meant a temporary decrease in consumer spend through 2020, if predictions hold true now that vaccines are part of the global conversation, people will be hungry to spend this year--like a feast after a famine. And that means that businesses will be eager to hire to meet the demand of a customer boom. 

4)Robots, Job Loss, and Job Creation

The World Economic Forum predicts that over the next several years, robots and automation will take over 85 million jobs by 2025. But the drive toward automation will also create the opportunity for new jobs that manage and upkeep it all, resulting in a likely 97 million news jobs. That said, the future's looking bright and open for job seekers, especially those who are willing to keep learning and growing and acquiring new skills.

Here are some tips to help you find a job in the new, post-lockdown world.

1)Know where the jobs are and plan accordingly

Some of the key industries that will be hiring in 2021 include Tech; Healthcare and Health Tech; Fintech; E-commerce; Customer Service; and Renewable Energy. These industries have been growing in the years leading up to 2020, and will continue to grow as we move into the future. Industries such as E-commerce in particular have received a boom during the pandemic, as a lot of shopping moved online--momentum that will likely continue as consumers have not only become used to the convenience, but many will remain focused on health and safety.

As a job seeker looking to enter one of these industries, start to do your research. Learn what you can about the industry and the jobs available within them. Develop a passion for some element of the industry--it shows to employers! If you’re coming from a different industry, start to think about how your current skill set can transfer to a job in a new industry, and make that clear in your resume and cover letter.

2)Perfect your skills and develop new ones

While many companies have actually lowered their requirements for filling an open job, this doesn’t mean you should sit back and just relax. Since many employers are now more willing to hire those with fewer skills, job seekers who focus on learning and acquiring new skill sets can stand out from the competition vying for the same jobs. An administrative assistant with design or marketing skills, for example, may be able to offer greater value to a company than someone with administrative skills alone. So make sure to include your different skills sets on your resume, but also continue to learn.

3)Be open to relocation

While many places have reopened and are hiring, one survey of employers indicated that only 13% plan on returning to their pre-pandemic hiring numbers in Q1, and . This indicates that employers are taking it slow, at least for the first and/or second quarter of the year. What this means for job seekers is that they must be open not only to new opportunities, but to new locations. The Midwest, as it recovers from a downturn in manufacturing, is seeing the strongest hiring and job outlook than then many other parts of the country at this time. But the rest of the country is quickly catching up. But job seekers who are open to relocation may fare better in the post-lockdown hiring spree.

4)Improve your technology skills

Over the last year, we’ve been using tech more than ever before to not only watch movies (remotely) with friends, but conduct meetings, happy hours, weddings, and classes over video calls. So no doubt you’ve probably become quite adept at navigating the basics of webcams. And this is a great thing because more companies are opting for video interviews than ever before, at least for the initial meetings. Learning how to do a video/recorded interview or a video call interview can help ensure that when the time comes you can put your best digital foot--er--face forward. These skills can also help you  navigate the increased use of technology on the job.

4)Clean up your social media

Social media can be a job seekers best friend (think job posting notifications, company research etc)--but if you’re not careful it can also be your worst enemy. Because social media puts you on display, employers often search for candidates' social pages to see what they can gather about them prior to or after an interview. It’s just doing due diligence. But if your social media profiles paint you in less than a professional light, you will help your job search out by changing your settings to private, or removing any posts that could come off as unsavory or unprofessional. You don’t want such a controllable thing as social media to be the reason you didn’t get the job.

6)Tailor your resume

Despite the newly reopening businesses, fierce competition will keep the job market tight as employers start to hire again. And while some may not be looking as closely at qualifications as they were before, you can set yourself light years (or at least a few months) ahead of your competition by tailoring your resume for each specific job you apply to. Be sure to read through the full job posting and incorporate keywords into your resumes to make it past the initial, automated review, so that your resume makes it to a recruiters deak.

Ready to take your job search and career to the next level? Check out our job board at to find a job you’ll love. Explore salaries to see what your experience is worth on the job market. Or just hang out and read employee reviews of the companies you’re considering. We’ve got the resources to help you find a job, and love the job you find. Find your careerbliss by visiting careerbliss now.

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