Creating a Positive Hiring Experience for Your Small Business

Posted November 30, 2016

While many employees enjoy the prestige of working for large corporations, small businesses have plenty of advantages to offer when attracting job hunters. Due to fewer obligations, hassles, and political forces, some employees can find more joy in being part of a small business. If you are operating a small business, you can make hiring and recruiting a more engaging, positive experience for both candidates and your managers. Here are several ways you can do so.

Some employees prefer the feel of being part of something small and growing it into something bigger. What you can do is to capitalize on the "small" label of your business You must know your business, what it represents, its vision, culture, and values. Take pride in what your business does and communicate it clearly towards the job candidates.

If you recognize the right time or opportunity for hiring, you can provide a better experience for it. Whether it is a vacant position that needs to be filled, the approach of the holiday season or a new opportunity has revealed itself, there are times when hiring is necessary and timely. Some companies make the mistake of missing out on opportunities or hiring for the wrong position. Discuss with your managers what your business is missing and whether a new hire can be a solution.

If you do have a position that needs to be filled, have a detailed, specific, and clear job description ready. Some candidates have the misfortune of getting hired for the wrong position due to misunderstandings or details lost in translation. It's a win-win for both you and the future employee if the job details are laid out with no important details left out.

Many businesses take an active and opportunistic approach to hiring. If an individual with great potential and fit for your business crosses your path, it may be worth it to express your interest and inquire about a potential job at your business. Sometimes, people can strike gold when it is least expected.

In most cases, the perks of working for a small business include flexible schedules, working remotely, and extra time off. Many employees appreciate the feeling of not being anchored to formal policies and regulations. This is something your small business likely already has, so make it stand out during the interview and when presenting the job description. The interview works both ways as well - both the company and candidate are evaluating each other for fit.

The concluding point is an important one. One thing in business that people appreciate is honesty. Having a reputation of being honest and ethical can be your best advantage. Whether you are hiring for a temporary or permanent position, always disclose the most important information and details about the job. Be realistic about selling your company and do not make false promises. If you keep give your word and stick to it, you will earn the respect of both present and future employees.

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