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Auto Estimator at Infinity Property & Casualty
in Houston, TX

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"sad but true."

What do you like about working at Infinity Property & Casualty?

"in my time of two years working with infinity insurance I developed some good friendships with quality people. Some of those being co-workers and others people associated with the auto insurance business. semi-flexible schedule was nice."

Do you have any tips for others interviewing with this company?

"don't waste your time.. you will only be taken advantage of. and in time you will become very unhappy and regret wanting to work for this company. you could ask every single employee that works for infinity insurance in the Houston area and all of Texas really. they still work there because they need a job and half the country is unemployed. not because they like the company not because they have so much fun and the job is so stress free. simply because they need a check to put food on the table."

What don't you like about working at Infinity Property & Casualty?

"management was horrible. the individuals that took the lead in that company did not have any personable managing skills what so ever. I have to admit there was two people in a management position that were very good at their job. Very personable, reasonable in their expectations of their employees. but sadly one was forced to quit his job or take a 50 % pay cut and the other left as soon as she found a better company to work for. The company clients are really the lower tier of society which is fine in itself... but the company doesn't realize that the people they choose to deal with don't always fully understand what they are getting into with this specific insurance company. Sadly infinity insurance finds ways through loop holes or some hidden clause to deny these poor people of coverage. Specifically the position I was in as an Auto Appraiser, upper management has extremely unrealistic expectations for them. while I was employed at that company they has 4 appraisers to cover all of Houston and the surrounding areas. while expecting you to do as much work that appraisers from the major insurance companies were. very unreasonable people there, would never recommend anyone to work there or even waste time applying because even if you can make it through all the unreasonable expectations once you gain any experience and develop more knowledge you will eventually ask for more money and they will just find a reason to fire you so they can hire someone will less knowledge and less experience to do your job so they can pay them less money."

What suggestions do you have for management?

"hire all new people. find some people with actual management experience not former mail clerks or receptionist to become office managers with no experience. hire more appraisers to cover such a large area a Houston, that way goals can actually be met."

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