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Underwriters at Chubb insurance Group give their company a 2.6 out of 5.0, while the average rating for Chubb insurance Group is 3.8, making them 37% less happy than every other employee at Chubb insurance Group and 37% less happy than every other Underwriter on CareerBliss - the happiest Underwriters work for Digital Risk.

Average Rating
(based on 2 Underwriter Review Ratings)
in Whitehouse Station, NJ

"Have been with the company for over 4 years."

What do you like about working at Chubb insurance Group?

"Freedom in my daily tasks i.e. is a big office so managers are generally not breathing down your neck. Have met some great friends there. Encourage walks during lunch / get away from your desk."

Do you have any tips for others interviewing with this company?

"Make sure you get the salary you want when you are hired / offered the job. When I first interviewed, I was asked for my expected salary however, I did not even know the details of the job and what I would be responsible for. Raises have only been 1-1.5% the past 4 years I have worked there, which is common across the board from what discussions with other employees. Would not be in this job for a penny less. Very stressful however, I am prone to not handle stress well. Work can be overwhelming however, if you can network and play the game, you will get ahead."

What don't you like about working at Chubb insurance Group?

"Have been with the company for over 4 years. Have mixed feelings about the workload and help / resources available to assist in my learning. Feel that the best way to learn is by mistake, which as a perfectionist, does not sit well with me. Company seems to rely on the 80% rule meaning, they don't expect you to operate at 100%, just 80%, which is also an issue for me. Extreme workload. No way to get your responsibilities completed in an 8 hour workday. Learn more from making mistakes. Limited resources for help. Company highly stresses networking to get ahead and doesn't rely on competency and skills to promote. Very cliquey, is who you know. Senior management acknowledges the company doesn't pay as much as other companies. Many people, managers, etc to answer to. I feel like everyday someone will get mad at me and send nasty emails / phone calls, it's just up to me to decide who I want to deal with / not make mad that day. It's impossible to please everyone that you have to answer to i.e. agents, other underwriters, managers, team leaders."

What suggestions do you have for management?

"Treat everyone the same. Give the same privilege to all employees based on position, not based on who you were friends with before you became a manager."

Person You Work For 4 / 5 People You Work With 3 / 5 Work Setting 5 / 5
Support You Get 2 / 5 Rewards You Receive 2 / 5 Growth Opportunities 3 / 5
Company Culture 3 / 5 Way You Work 3 / 5
in Simsbury, CT

What don't you like about working at Chubb insurance Group?

"Poor compensation. Poor managment. Little to no room to move up. If you stay here for 10 yrs., you'll basically still be doing the same thing. People favored for non-work related issues--not competence."

What suggestions do you have for management?

"Sick days shouldn't be counted the same as vacation days."

Person You Work For 3 / 5 People You Work With 1 / 5 Work Setting 3 / 5
Support You Get 3 / 5 Rewards You Receive 1 / 5 Growth Opportunities 1 / 5
Company Culture 1 / 5 Way You Work 3 / 5

Average Underwriter Ratings in the Past 2 Years

Year Salary
2011 $2
2012 $3
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