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3.9 (374)
Industry: Services - HQ: Teaneck, NJ

Cognizant Employee Salaries

2.8 (based on 156 salary ratings)
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Cognizant Employees Average (1,416)
Industry Average (19,920)
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Cognizant Employee Salary Reviews

Anonymous Employee Salaries (77)
Posted a day ago in Woodland Hills, CA

"The pay is less compared to the value delivered as a BA /project manager."

Posted yesterday in Hartford, CT

"Yes... I feel I'm underpaid."

Associate Salaries (138)
Posted 2 months ago in Newark, DE

"I am now paid 65000 annually."

Posted 3 months ago in Cary, NC

"I was retained as associate for nearly 8 years so payment was not structured. Literally had same pay for several years ."

Senior Associate Salaries (127)
Posted last month in Teaneck, NJ

"Under paid when compared with the job market outside."

Posted 2 months ago in Ridgefield Park, NJ

"Yes, I'm really underpaid for my technical experience."

Cognizant Employees Average Salary Ratings

Average Rating
(based on 156 Cognizant Salary Review Ratings)
Programmer Analyst Salaries (182)
Posted this week

"The pay in Cognizant for a freshly graduated programmer is under the average, compared to other companies in Saudi Arabia."

Posted 3 months ago in Teaneck, NJ

"It's in India, so the currency is in Rupees."

Consultant Salaries (16)
Posted last month in Bangall, NY

"The salary was in Indian Rupees. I thought I was a little underpaid given the slow job market in 2011."

Posted 2 months ago in Newark, DE

"It depends on the work allocated."

Average Cognizant Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $72000
2010 $70000
2011 $69000
2012 $61000
2013 $79000
Senior Developer Salaries (8)
Posted 3 months ago in Chicago, IL

"I think it is as per the market."

Posted 5 months ago in Redwood City, CA

"Yes, I believe I am underpaid when compared to the current market value."

Senior Java Developer Salaries (7)
Posted this month in Plano, TX

"I am currently being underpaid by my company for the kind of job that I am doing."

Posted last month in Plano, TX

"Yes I am underpaid for the role of Tech Lead and Sr. Java Developer."

Technology Architect Salaries (3)
Posted 3 months ago in El Segundo, CA

"A bit underpaid because I'm basically on call 24/7."

Posted 4 months ago in Woodland Hills, CA

"I am ok with the current compensation and hope it will be better in future."

Equipment Services Project Manager Salaries (48)
Posted 2 months ago in Irvine, CA

"It's decent salary. It's neither unpaid nor overpaid."

Posted 2 months ago in Lynchburg, VA

"Underpaid, as I am capable of taking more responsibilities and earning more."

Systems Analyst Salaries (20)
Posted last month in Waukegan, IL

"I feel I am underpaid for all the work which I am doing."

Posted 4 months ago in Teaneck, NJ

"Yes, I am being underpaid for my experience and work am responsible for right now. Am not being recognized and awarded for my work though my supervisor knew that he is not in a position to get me awarded or promoted to next level due to lack of financial turnover from our project which has 3 different applications."

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