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JPMorgan Chase
3.9 (645)
Industry: Financial Investments - HQ: New York, NY

JPMorgan Chase Employee Salaries

3.4 (based on 88 salary ratings)
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JPMorgan Chase Employees Average (11,353)
Industry Average (29,601)
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JPMorgan Chase Employee Salary Reviews

Anonymous Employee Salaries (37)
Posted yesterday in Columbus, OH

"Due to my recent MBA from atop university (University of Chicago) I am extremely underpaid."

Posted last week in Kansas City, MO

"I do feel I am underpaid for the amount of work I do."

Senior Underwriter Salaries (62)
Posted 4 months ago in Troy, MI

"I do not feel that I am under or over paid. I believe the salary I receive is comparable for the duties that are required for my position. As a senior underwriter I work long hours and overtime. I am expected to retain and apply many guidelines and specifications. It is my responsibility to review, evaluate, problem solve and create solutions to make loans approvable and insurable. I have been in this industry for going on 13 yrs. My current base salary is indicative of my certifications, credentials, training and experience."

Posted 5 months ago in Tempe, AZ

"I am being overpaid because 66,000 is a lot and a good salary to me. I can't complain."

Bank Teller Salaries (128)
Posted 2 months ago in Rosedale, NY

"The pay is comparable to other banks but still on the lower end."

Posted 4 months ago in Houston, TX

"Underpaid and I only worked 25 hours a week."

JPMorgan Chase Employees Average Salary Ratings

Average Rating
(based on 88 JPMorgan Chase Salary Review Ratings)
Business Analyst Salaries (168)
Posted 3 months ago in Lewisville, TX

"I felt the pay was decent for industry standards. The importance is working with a system of people who are diligent and wanting to get the job done. I felt that I was usually in that positive situation."

Posted 5 months ago in San Francisco, CA

"In my most recent position, equity shares were used to replace initial dollar costs."

Senior Loan Processor Salaries (62)
Posted 5 months ago in Englewood, CO

"Neither, I think it should be based of your performance."

Posted 6 months ago in Jacksonville, FL

"I feel the salary is perfect. However, I would like to earn commission on all the loans closed monthly."

Average JPMorgan Chase Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $62000
2010 $65000
2011 $65000
2012 $65000
2013 $77000
Senior Mortgage Underwriter Salaries (9)
Posted 6 months ago in Troy, MI

"I am right on par with what I should be making for this line of work."

Posted 6 months ago in Houston, TX

"This is not overpaid or underpaid, just right I can say."

Financial Advisor Salaries (136)
Posted 6 months ago in Northridge, OH

"Surely underpaid. In this recession and with all the economic and geopolitical issues around us. I am surely being underpaid.I just received a call yesterday from India, I lady was over the phone trying to recruit me for a company in the United States.Soon we are going to find that the employment companies getting unemployed. How do you like that"

Posted last year in Palmdale, CA
Loan Officer Salaries (117)
Posted 6 months ago in Phoenix, AZ

"Underpaid due to the need for business revenue to increase profit."

Posted 2 years ago in San Mateo, CA
QA Analyst Salaries (74)
Posted 3 months ago in Plano, TX

"I am being paid good as per the market price."

Posted last year in Princeton, NJ
Senior Business Analyst Salaries (71)
Posted 4 months ago in New York City, NY

"Yes I am getting under paid. I have been performing at a VP level for over 2.5 years now, and I have been recognized for that, but the pay doesn't reflect it."

Posted 2 years ago in Jersey City, NJ