3.8 (235)
Industry: Computer and Electronic Manufacturing - HQ: Morristown, NJ

Honeywell Salaries

3.5 (based on 21 salary ratings)

Honeywell employees earn $31 per hour on average, or $65,000 annually, which is 15% higher than the national salary average of $56,000 per year. According to our data, the highest paying job at Honeywell is a Director of Business Development at $200,200 annually while the lowest paying job at Honeywell is a Receptionist at $24,000 annually.

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Honeywell Employee Salary Reviews

Anonymous Employee Salaries (7)
Posted last month in Minneapolis, MN

"It was a fair wage for the work. Not to mention I had my housing paid for too."

Posted 2 months ago in York, PA

"With over $1M in yearly savings I feel as if my salary is underappreciated. Honeywell Processing Solutions division is led by plant managers, GM's, VP's who talk about continuous improvement and Lean but have no idea what it means and are only dedicated to their salary increase and month end results. Meanwhile complaining about my salary."

Senior Software Engineer Salaries (29)
Posted 3 months ago in Phoenix, AZ

"I would like to earn a little more."

Posted 6 months ago in Cincinnati, OH

"Yes, I believe for all that I do that I am underpaid."

Software Engineer Salaries (55)
Posted 6 months ago in Houston, TX

"The pay at Honeywell was about right. I wasn't concerned much about the salary but with a company that allows me to enhance my skills and opportunities are what I considered."

Honeywell Employees Average Salary Ratings

Average Rating
(based on 21 Honeywell Salary Review Ratings)
Manufacturing Engineer Salaries (20)
Posted 6 months ago in Houston, TX

"This payment is good based on my experience."

Posted 3 years ago
Field Service Technician Salaries (8)
Posted 5 months ago in San Antonio, TX

"I feel like I'm being paid fairly but based on the amount of work I do compared to my coworker, I feel my compensation should increase."

Posted 3 years ago

Average Honeywell Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $68000
2010 $75000
2011 $76000
2012 $78000
2013 $73000
Staff Engineer Salaries (2)
Posted 5 months ago in Billerica, MA

"Fairly paid since I was an entry level hire."

Posted 6 years ago
Performance Engineer Salaries (1)
Posted 9 months ago in Phoenix, AZ

"I think I was paid about average for a Performance Engineer 10 years ago."

Accounting Intern Salaries (1)
Posted 9 months ago in China, ME

"I think it's underpaid. Accounting is a complex number work."

Regional Business Leader Salaries (1)
Posted 10 months ago in Morrisville, NC

"I am being paid according to fair market value. I have compared my role and salary to similar jobs on other career building websites."

Aerospace Mission Assurance Engineer Salaries (1)
Posted last month in Columbia, MD

"The salary is competitive, I have been able to increase my salary over the years. Honeywell is paying slightly below salary for a Quality Assurance Engineer in the metropolitan area."

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