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Industry: Motion Picture - HQ: Seattle, WA

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Getty Images employees earn $34 per hour on average, or $70,000 annually, which is 22% higher than the national salary average of $56,000 per year. According to our data, the highest paying job at Getty Images is a Marketing Manager at $101,800 annually while the lowest paying job at Getty Images is a Photo Editor at $40,500 annually.

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Anonymous Employee Salaries (3)
Posted this month in Seattle, WA

"I think my pay is fair, but there is little possibility of large raises, performance pay or bonuses. Long term, I feel like I will end up being underpaid if I stay."

Posted 2 months ago in Seattle, WA

"I feel I am being slightly underpaid for my skills and experience. someone with years of experience can provide enormous value and insight into how to do things right versus how to do them fast."

Software Engineer Salaries (6)
Posted 8 months ago in Seattle, WA

"I'd say the pay-scale seems about right, given my knowledge, background, and years of experience."

Posted 2 years ago in Seattle, WA
Test Engineer Salaries (1)
Posted 7 months ago in Seattle, WA

"Just right, I can live comfortably on what I make."

Getty Images Employees Average Salary Ratings

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Senior Storage Engineer Salaries (1)
Posted last month in Seattle, WA

"Decent pay scale."

Account Executive Salaries (10)
Posted last year in New York City, NY

Average Getty Images Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $83000
2010 $67000
2011 $77000
2012 $98000
2013 $74000
Account Manager Salaries (4)
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Posted 4 years ago
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Posted 6 years ago
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