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3.6 (279)
Industry: Wholesale Trade - HQ: Rochester, NY

Xerox Employee Salaries

2.8 (based on 48 salary ratings)
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Xerox Employees Average (1,981)
Industry Average (88,649)
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Xerox Employee Salary Reviews

Anonymous Employee Salaries (20)
Posted this week in Concord, NH

"I feel I am being paid well considering the position I am doing."

Posted this month in Columbus, OH

"I feel that compensation for this position should be more in line the annual average. However company pay freezes and cutbacks make pay raises a challenge."

Customer Service Representative Salaries (35)
Posted 2 months ago in Tigard, OR

"Underpaid. I work forty hours a week and do not make enough to support my family, let alone myself without federal aid."

Posted last year in Greenville, SC
Equipment Services Project Manager Salaries (26)
Posted 4 months ago in New York City, NY

"The pay is decent for the work that we do, but we can be better because of all the work we done."

Posted last year in Baltimore, MD

Xerox Employees Average Salary Ratings

Average Rating
(based on 48 Xerox Salary Review Ratings)
Administrative Assistant Salaries (15)
Posted last month in Little Falls, NJ

"I feel that I am underpaid."

Site Coordinator Salaries (10)
Posted 5 months ago in Robinsonville, MS

"Yes, underpaid. Currently perform Mgr duties for much less pay."

Average Xerox Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $59000
2010 $63000
2011 $66000
2012 $70000
2013 $51000
Technical Support Specialist Salaries (6)
Posted 4 months ago in Bolingbrook, IL

"I think I am being WAY underpaid for everything that I need to know as well as already have learned."

Posted 2 years ago
Systems Engineering Manager Salaries (4)
Posted 4 months ago in Webster, NY

"The pay was commensurate with the amount and type of work I was doing, including planning, budgeting, hiring, writing personnel reviews and giving presentations to senior management."

Posted 4 years ago
Sales Consultant Salaries (3)
Posted 5 months ago in Kent, WA

"Well that is a hard question. I was getting paid a lot better the first 20 months working for Xerox, they ended up restructuring the pay and it went down to minimum wage. This was the last straw for me and that's when I left the company."

Posted 5 years ago
Senior Network Engineer Salaries (3)
Posted 4 months ago in Houston, TX

"Unknown to me, I never ask others' pay, so I didn't do study on this."

Posted 2 years ago
Functional Analyst Salaries (3)
Posted 4 months ago in Chesapeake, VA

"Grossly underpaid. Pay at my company has been frozen for years."

Posted last year in Phoenix, AZ
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