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NEXTera Energy Resources
3.5 (6)
Industry: Scientific and Technical Consulting Services - HQ: Juno Beach, FL

NEXTera Energy Resources Reviews

Average Rating
(based on 6 NEXTera Energy Resources Review Ratings)
Company Culture 2.9
Growth Opportunities 2.8
People You Work With 4.4
Person You Work For 3.7
Rewards You Receive 3.6
Support You Get 3.3
Way You Work 3.4
Work Setting 3.7
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6 NEXTera Energy Resources Company Reviews and Ratings

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Regional Business Leader
Posted last month in Forney, TX

"I was promoted to a Regional Business Leader (Plant controller type position) to bring financial acumen to the site for financial operations, SOX compliance budget/forecasting, process creation and improvement, cost driver management, drive synergies between sites and portfolio. Also to train all employees on financial systems, NPV/IRR calculation for capital and critical operations parameters."

Growth Opportunities 5 Rewards You Receive 5 Person You Work For 5
People You Work With 5 Way You Work 5 Support You Get 5
Company Culture 4 Work Setting 5

Company Rating Comparison

NEXTera Energy Resources (6)

4.5 Highest Rated in this Industry is Medicare (22)
2.0 Lowest Rated in this Industry is Wave2Wave Communications (8)
3.5 Average of All Companies in this Industry (6,417)
Wind Technician
Posted 4 months ago in House, NM

"Some problems with on-site new management. Wants to hire his own staff. Does not communicate."

Company Culture 1 Support You Get 2 Work Setting 3
Rewards You Receive 3 People You Work With 3 Person You Work For 4
Growth Opportunities 2 Way You Work 3

Average NEXTera Energy Resources Ratings in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2011 $3
2012 $2
2013 $2
Power Plant Mechanic
Posted last year in Jensen Beach, FL

"Never any money, they wear a double billed cap."

What do you like about working at NEXTera Energy Resources?

"Union, union, union. If it were not for the union this company would walk all over ALL of it's employees."

Do you have any tips for others interviewing with this company?

"If you are not hiring into the bargaining unit......RUN, run as fast as you can to another company."

What don't you like about working at NEXTera Energy Resources?

"Always corners, never any money for getting the job done, communication-no one communicates, very few managers have integrity, business units work against other business units, too many processes."

What suggestions do you have for management?

"This would be directed towards the CEO: fund the inhouse permanent employees of the power plants better and clean house of intermediate level management. Better communication."

Rewards You Receive 2 Way You Work 1 Growth Opportunities 1
Company Culture 1 Person You Work For 1 Work Setting 1
People You Work With 5 Support You Get 1
Senior Turbine Engineering Manager
Posted this month in Juno Beach, FL

What do you like about working at NEXTera Energy Resources?

"Great working environment with well maintained campus and cafeteria. Friendly people."

Do you have any tips for others interviewing with this company?

"Verify development & growth opportunities to see if there is actual follow-through."

What don't you like about working at NEXTera Energy Resources?

"Limited growth opportunities with very inclusive corporate culture segmented by business units."

What suggestions do you have for management?

"Better communication of corporate goals & measurements throughout the business units with driven accountability"

People You Work With 4 Support You Get 4 Company Culture 4
Growth Opportunities 3 Work Setting 5 Way You Work 3
Rewards You Receive 4 Person You Work For 4
Programmer Analyst
Posted 2 years ago in Livermore, CA
Way You Work 4.7 People You Work With 4.8 Support You Get 4.8
Rewards You Receive 4.4 Company Culture 3.9 Person You Work For 4.8
Work Setting 4.7 Growth Opportunities 3
Wind Technician
Posted 2 years ago
Support You Get 3.2 Company Culture 3.7 Work Setting 3.6
Way You Work 3.4 Rewards You Receive 3.4 Growth Opportunities 2.9
Person You Work For 3.2 People You Work With 4.3
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