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3.8 (840)
Industry: Computer and Electronic Manufacturing - HQ: Armonk, NY

IBM Employee Salaries

3.0 (based on 164 salary ratings)
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IBM Employees Average (7,793)
Industry Average (85,906)

IBM Employee Salary Reviews

Anonymous Employee Salaries (75)
Posted yesterday in Austin, TX

"Compensation was competitive for the level of work performed."

Posted this week in Hopewell Junction, NY

"The pay is good. Seems to be above average for the industry, but rate of growth is extreme slow."

Software Engineer Salaries (344)
Posted 3 months ago in Austin, TX

"Underpaid. But doesn't everyone."

Posted 4 months ago in Markham, ON

"In Canada, the average starting salary for most companies is roughly $60,000. I am paid slightly above average and still find it hard to live in a booming economy of high inflation and rising housing prices."

Senior Software Engineer Salaries (109)
Posted 2 months ago in Devon, PA

"I'm getting as per market."

Posted 4 months ago in Mansfield, TX

"Salary was good compensation and it was a nice experience for me to serve."

IBM Employees Average Salary Ratings

Average Rating
(based on 164 IBM Salary Review Ratings)
Application Developer Salaries (42)
Posted yesterday in Tampa, FL

"I feel I am greatly underpaid for the knowledge and experience I have to offer."

Posted yesterday in East Lansing, MI

"Way underpaid. I have seen many companies pay double what I get at IBM."

Equipment Services Project Manager Salaries (228)
Posted 2 months ago in Boulder, CO

"Haven't had a raise in 8 years!"

Posted 3 months ago in Melrose, MA

"Industry average based on years of experience and size of projects."

Average IBM Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $81000
2010 $82000
2011 $79000
2012 $84000
2013 $82000
Managing Consultant Salaries (100)
Posted last month in New York City, NY

"Underpaid and overworked to the point where I do not get any vacation time."

Posted 4 months ago in Carol Stream, IL

"I'm being paid fairly for the workload I am expected to manage."

Systems Administrator Salaries (100)
Posted 2 months ago in Dallas, TX

"I am happy with what we get, but yes we should get more."

Posted 4 months ago in Austin, TX

"In my opinion, with someone with my knowledge and leadership and experience, I am vastly underpaid for the responsibilities I have."

Business Analyst Salaries (86)
Posted last month in Phoenix, AZ

"I feel that I am being paid just about right."

Posted 2 months ago in Raleigh, NC

"I was underpaid looking at the experience and skills I had."

Senior Systems Engineer Salaries (48)
Posted last week in Novato, CA

"May be I feel its underpaid."

Posted last month in Raleigh, NC

"I feel underpaid for the work I do."

Software Developer Salaries (41)
Posted last month in Houston, TX

"IBM provides competitive pay for its employees. An employee's salary is contingent on their level of experience and performance."

Posted 5 months ago in Markham, ON

"As an intern, I think the pay is pretty decent. As long as I can collect the experience."

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