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Cisco Systems
4.0 (628)
Industry: Computer and Electronic Manufacturing - HQ: San Jose, CA

Cisco Systems Employee Salaries

3.4 (based on 97 salary ratings)
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Cisco Systems Employees Average (4,133)
Industry Average (89,534)
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Cisco Systems Employee Salary Reviews

Anonymous Employee Salaries (47)
Posted this week in Boston, MA

"Yes. Indian economy may make it look lower compared to the American salaries."

Posted this week in Chicago, IL

"I feel this is neutral, it depends when you joined the firm"

Software Engineer Salaries (360)
Posted 3 months ago in San Francisco, CA

"I am equally paid for what I am doing."

Posted 5 months ago in Richardson, TX

"I started with no experience, and the job market was tough last year, so I thought that was fair."

Technical Leader Salaries (52)
Posted 6 months ago in San Jose, CA

"About right, should be between 120K to 140K.Cisco pays more."

Posted 6 months ago in San Jose, CA

"I always deliver, and receive top ratings in performance reviews.The company has been paying disproportionate amount of bonuses and monetary awards.I have been paid fairly for what I am worth."

Cisco Systems Employees Average Salary Ratings

Average Rating
(based on 97 Cisco Systems Salary Review Ratings)
Senior Software Engineer Salaries (173)
Posted 6 months ago in Dublin, OH

"Right to market level.They gave me enough market corrections.The salary was up to standards."

Posted 6 months ago in San Jose, CA

"My current salary was enhanced by stock options in the past."

Business Analyst Salaries (62)
Posted last month in Milpitas, CA

"I think I am getting paid fairly, if not less."

Posted 3 months ago in Milpitas, CA

"I feel good about my compensation."

Average Cisco Systems Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $91000
2010 $95000
2011 $106000
2012 $107000
2013 $110000
Network Engineer Salaries (40)
Posted last month in Raleigh, NC

"After looking for a new job, I have found that I am being way underpaid at Cisco. This happens I guess when the company you work for is the one that provides the product you support. So I hope to change that by changing jobs and working for a company who uses the product however I am not supporting the product they produce."

Posted 4 months ago in Greenville, SC


Intern Salaries (38)
Posted last week in Richardson, TX

"Very good for an intern, bit low for a full time, but that was expected."

Posted 3 months ago in San Jose, CA

"I believe I am underpaid, simply because there were a lot of costs that are kept from my salary, so they could bring me over from Europe. (Visa, flights, and so on)"

Technical Lead Salaries (36)
Posted 3 months ago in San Jose, CA

"Underpaid, as I have been covering duties over weekends as well, with almost no compensation provided for it."

Posted 6 months ago in San Jose, CA

"Neither. I think that my pay is reasonable considering all the projects and responsibilities that I am simultaneously involved with."

QA Engineer Salaries (17)
Posted 2 months ago in San Jose, CA

"Just right - but I prefer more for a developer position."

Posted 3 months ago in Irvine, CA

"My compensation was in line with my experience."

Network Consultant Salaries (10)
Posted 9 hours ago in Atlanta, GA

"No, I do not feel I am being underpaid."

Posted 5 months ago in San Jose, CA

"I would say just about right."

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