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3.5 (32)
Industry: Wholesale Trade - HQ: Radnor, PA

Airgas Employee Salaries

2.5 (based on 6 salary ratings)
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Airgas Employee Salary Reviews

Anonymous Employee Salaries (2)
Posted 2 months ago in Philadelphia, PA

"Paid fair for the work but underpaid for the constant problems."

Posted 3 months ago in San Diego, CA

"Underpaid. They did not pay well at all. And others in the same industry got more money than we did."

Account Manager Salaries (47)
Posted 2 months ago in Seattle, WA

"Pay is based on self success within sales. It is up to you on how much you want to make."

Branch Manager Salaries (11)
Posted 4 months ago

"The 3 percent raises don't even keep up with cost of living, let alone reward good performance."

Posted 2 years ago

Airgas Employees Average Salary Ratings

Average Rating
(based on 6 Airgas Salary Review Ratings)
Help Desk Analyst Salaries (1)
Posted 3 months ago in Radnor, PA

"Not a lot of money where I'm at. I'm overworked and underpaid."

Inside Sales Representative Salaries (16)
Posted this month
Posted 4 years ago

Average Airgas Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $55000
2010 $62000
2011 $60000
2012 $40000
2013 $65000
Customer Service Representative Salaries (12)
Posted this month
Posted 3 years ago
Plant Manager Salaries (10)
Posted 2 years ago
Posted 2 years ago
Driver Salaries (8)
Posted 4 years ago
Posted this month
Senior Account Manager Salaries (6)
Posted 4 years ago
Account Executive Salaries (5)
Posted 3 years ago
Posted 3 years ago
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