Wells Fargo Bank
3.9 (511)
Industry: Credit Intermediation Activities - HQ: St George, UT

Wells Fargo Bank Salaries

3.7 (based on 74 salary ratings)

Wells Fargo Bank employees earn $22 per hour on average, or $45,000 annually, which is 22% lower than the national salary average of $56,000 per year. According to our data, the highest paying job at Wells Fargo Bank is a Director at $143,300 annually while the lowest paying job at Wells Fargo Bank is a File Clerk at $21,300 annually.

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Wells Fargo Bank Employee Salary Reviews

Anonymous Employee Salaries (35)
Posted last week in Minneapolis, MN

"I like my benefits package."

Posted last month in Minneapolis, MN

"Underpaid compared to peer group and other departments."

Loan Document Specialist Salaries (96)
Posted last month in Irving, TX

"I started off at a low pay as a contractor with WF, my work prevailed my compensation when hired. Other associates with mortgage experience were compensated higher (we were all provided with the pay perimeters for our position)."

Posted 6 months ago in Englewood, CO

"The pay with Wells Fargo has always been fair and bounces were paid on a month to month more basis. Again it's the feed back that we received from our customers and upper management put together has always been compensated on an outstanding basis."

Senior Underwriter Salaries (74)
Posted 7 months ago in San Bernardino, CA

"I believe I'm being paid what I'm worth. It's a tough job keeping up with the guidelines and wearing different hats, with FHA/VA/Conventional."

Posted 7 months ago in Irvine, CA

"My last job was about 20% more than most underwriter jobs."

Wells Fargo Bank Employees Average Salary Ratings

Average Rating
(based on 74 Wells Fargo Bank Salary Review Ratings)
Underwriter Salaries (137)
Posted 7 months ago in San Bernardino, CA

"I believe my pay rate was fine. I was happy with it."

Posted 9 months ago in Santa Ana, CA

"Salary along with incentive plan are on par with industry standards."

Mortgage Underwriter Salaries (59)
Posted 8 months ago in Santa Ana, CA

"At Wells Fargo we were paid competitively for the work we did and the amount of files we closed. It was very rewarding."

Posted 8 months ago in San Bernardino, CA

"I believe I should be paid around $37/hourly while enjoying the other attributes of a non-exempt employee."

Average Wells Fargo Bank Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $55000
2010 $57000
2011 $58000
2012 $59000
2013 $72000
Consumer Loan Underwriter Salaries (54)
Posted 3 months ago in Frederick, MD

"I feel that was paid accordingly."

Posted 9 months ago in Tempe, AZ

"Right in line with other Underwriter 3's... plus our bonus structure was great."

DE Underwriter Salaries (9)
Posted 9 months ago in Denver, CO

"I feel that my salary range was fair based on my knowledge and experience."

Posted 9 months ago in Costa Mesa, CA

"I believe I am receiving a fair wage for the type of work."

Teller Salaries (228)
Posted 5 months ago in Richmond, VA

"Because I was hired under the WF compensation guidelines I was brought in at a lower rate than my peers but expected to do the same that they did. I understand the merger and all so I can't be but so mad, however when it came time for a review and was told the highest anyone can get is $0.15 that was upsetting."

Posted last year in Sebastopol, CA
Store Manager Salaries (57)
Posted 8 months ago in Atlanta, GA

"My base pay is among the highest in our region. But I bring much more experience and superior leadership to the position, allowing my District Manager the opportunity to perform at a higher level, as I serve as mentor to newer managers, and my branch produces accordingly; therefore I feel I am not overpaid."

Posted 2 years ago in San Clemente, CA
QA Analyst Salaries (34)
Posted 2 months ago in Sioux Falls, SD

"I am happy with my compensation."

Posted 2 years ago