In the Battle of the Sexes, Women Beat out Men in Career Happiness

Posted February 24, 2011

CareerBliss Cofounders Matt Miller & Heidi GolledgeIrvine, CA (February 24, 2011) CareerBliss, the leading online career community with millions of open local jobs, company reviews and salary listings, announces new data that explores which sex is happier on the job. The information is based on over a year of research and analysis from more than 200,000 company reviews and reveals that overall women outrank men in all factors of career happiness, specifically in areas concerning work-life balance, flexibility with their work schedule, career advancement, and job security.

CareerBliss analyzed more than 1,600,000 data points from employees evaluating the eight factors that affect work happiness: growth opportunities, compensation, benefits, work-life balance, career advancement, senior management, job security and whether the employee would recommend the company to others. The data revealed not only did women rank higher in career happiness than men overall, but on each of the eight factors that impact job satisfaction.

Overall Career Happiness Ranking

GenderHappiness Average*

* CareerBliss Happiness Ranking: One to five scale of over 200,000 men and women rating eight aspects of job happiness

Career Happiness Ranking by Factor

Benefits package3.4663.535
Compensation compared to similar jobs elsewhere3.4593.503
Competency of senior management3.4593.565
Job Security3.1523.246
Open to balancing work and personal life3.5413.675
Opportunities for career advancement3.2523.346
Professional growth opportunities3.4593.549
Would you recommend [company] as a place to work3.4533.584

The data shows women outrank men in all aspects of career happiness. Areas where both men and women ranked notably high were work-life balance and compensation when they compared their salary to other jobs.

Heidi Golledge, Co-Founder and CEO of CareerBliss says, “CareerBliss data is unique in that we research not only factors such as salary and job hiring trends, but also the factors that truly impact work-happiness, such as work-life balance and the pride one takes in their work. By letting employees confidentially review their employers and personal career happiness on CareerBliss, we have the opportunity to not only see who is happier, men or women, but what makes them happy and which employers and industries tend to truly value their employees and keep them happy.”

In addition to their overall career happiness score, CareerBliss also broke out men and women’s happiness scores by city and evaluated if compensation played a factor in overall job satisfaction. The data indicates that money does not necessarily have an effect on career happiness. For example, although the data shows women in San Francisco make significantly less than men at 64 thousand a year versus 86 thousand a year, their happiness ranking is higher. This trend was similar in the following cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Miami, Pittsburgh, and Houston.

Women vs. Men by City and Salary

City Men's Happiness Rank Men's Average Salary Women's Happiness Rank Women's Average Salary
Los Angeles3.64$73,435.003.66$61,625.00
San Francisco3.48$86,854.003.72$64,735.00

Matt Miller Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of CareerBliss says, “This data is consistent with our research revealing that the true driver of career happiness is not salary, but factors like job security, a person’s ability to balance work and home, and the camaraderie they share with co-workers. CareerBliss’ ability to use confidential employee reviews, enables us to have a better understanding of what impacts the work-place, and truly makes people happy.”

photo of The CareerBliss Team

The CareerBliss Team

CareerBliss cares about your career happiness. That's why we offer a variety of great tools and resources to help you make better-informed career decisions. We believe that if you're happier at work, you'll be happier in life! Check out company reviews, salary information, career advice and, of course, millions of jobs on CareerBliss and choose happy today!

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