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Working at Mueller Industries in Collierville, TN: 3 Employee Job Reviews by Real Employee working in Collierville, TN Area

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On average, employees in Collierville, TN at Mueller Industries give their company a 3.1 rating out of 5.0 based on 3, whereas overall Average Rating of Mueller Industries is 3.5 out of 5.0 based on 6 Mueller Industries Review Ratings. The happiest Mueller Industries employees in Collierville, TN are Anonymous Employees submitting an average rating of 3.1.

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Working at Mueller Industries in Collierville, TN: 3 Employee Reviews

Mueller Industries Employee

"I quit this company after 5 months of employment because of unrealistic demands from upper management that failed to provide training for the position I was hired for and a few other things that made me not want to be there any longer. Throughout my time here I didn't observe any work ethics. The word professionalism is not known in this company culture. As a Millennial, I can say that they've done nothing to keep my interest there. I felt sorry for people that work from cubicles on the second floor; most of them hate their jobs and consequently come to the office for the paycheck (and I don’t blame them…). I haven't seen such dysfunctional management before. There's a lot of micromanagement too (I was asked what I was doing on my phone during lunch breaks). I don't recommend this company as a place to work for."

Person You Work For 4 / 5 People You Work With 4 / 5 Work Setting 1 / 5
Support You Get 1 / 5 Rewards You Receive 3 / 5 Growth Opportunities 1 / 5
Company Culture 2 / 5 Way You Work 2 / 5
Mueller Industries Employee

"I have worked for Mueller Industries for almost two years. There is a lot of freedom to self teach and grow on your own, however, there is no room to move up within the company and the company does not invest in training its employees. The company takes the meaning "lean manufacturing" to a whole new level. Machines are often run until they physically can't run anymore.The management is unwilling to change processes and unwilling to teach lessons learned from the past. The older employees seem to hide information as if it will keep them from losing their jobs."

Person You Work For 3 / 5 People You Work With 3 / 5 Work Setting 1 / 5
Support You Get 2 / 5 Rewards You Receive 2 / 5 Growth Opportunities 1 / 5
Company Culture 2 / 5 Way You Work 2 / 5

Company-Industry Rating Comparison

Mueller Industries (6)

4.6 Highest Rated in this Industry is ITW Brands (6)
2.2 Lowest Rated in this Industry is Hit Promotional Products (6)
3.5 Average of All Companies in this Industry (2,874)
Mueller Industries Employee

"What is this? I thought this was a job application."

Person You Work For 5 / 5 People You Work With 5 / 5 Work Setting 5 / 5
Support You Get 5 / 5 Rewards You Receive 5 / 5 Growth Opportunities 5 / 5
Company Culture 5 / 5 Way You Work 5 / 5
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