CareerBliss 50 Happiest Companies in America for 2020

Posted December 02, 2019

The 10th annual CareerBliss Happiest Companies in America recognizes the top companies from around the nation that are building positive teams, managers and an overall happy work culture..

What’s truly unique about the CareerBliss Happiest Companies? We don’t solicit reviews, and companies do not pay to be a part of the process. This system creates an unbiased and authentic process that allows people to share what truly drives happiness at work. Employees review more than 200,000 companies and only 50 make it.

Make sure to check out each company’s BlissScore which includes factors such as company culture, leadership, overall work atmosphere, one’s relationship with coworkers and CEO ranking.

Did your company make the list? If not, submit a review and tell us why.

1Google4.251$71,000View Jobs91.9%
2Caterpillar4.116$60,000View Jobs93.8%
3Cisco Systems4.071$91,000View Jobs93.1%
4Intel Corporation4.048$71,000View Jobs88%
5Comcast Corporation3.985$38,000View Jobs85%
6Apple3.975$43,000View Jobs97.2%
7Microsoft Corporation3.960$81,000View Jobs96.2%
8Symantec3.954$81,000View Jobs61.1%
9Accenture3.952$71,000View Jobs94.5%
10Deloitte3.949$75,000View Jobs84%
11Bank of America3.948$45,000View Jobs90%
12Samsung3.939$70,000View Jobs88.9%
13Siemens3.919$61,000View Jobs94.4%
14Cummins3.901$61,000View Jobs89%
15General Electric3.878$64,000View Jobs83.3%
16T-Mobile3.872$45,000View Jobs100%
17TATA3.871$61,000View Jobs88%
18JPMorgan Chase3.843$51,000View Jobs95.5%
19Wells Fargo3.837$48,000View Jobs87.5%
20Tesla Motors3.832$79,500View Jobs84.6%
21Sprint Nextel3.818$51,000View Jobs91%
22Ernst & Young3.818$63,000View Jobs82%
23IBM3.793$75,000View Jobs68.4%
24Lockheed Martin3.792$71,000View Jobs81.3%
25Oracle3.782$93,000View Jobs74%
26Ford Motor Company3.780$55,000View Jobs85.7%
27Walt Disney Company3.777$61,000View Jobs90.9%
28Target 3.775$30,000View Jobs75%
29General Motors3.774$65,000View Jobs91.4%
30Capgemini3.766$90,000View Jobs86.7%
31Infosys Technologies3.761$65,000View Jobs100%
32Verizon Communications3.759$61,000View Jobs66.7%
33Cognizant Technology Solutions3.723$71,000View Jobs92.6%
34Blue Cross Blue Shield3.722$52,000View Jobs66.7%
35Hewlett-Packard3.715$71,000View Jobs100%
36FedEx Corporation3.713$35,000View Jobs78.9%
37Dell3.701$60,500View Jobs78%
38PwC3.698$65,000View Jobs88.9%
39Medtronic3.676$65,000View Jobs84.4%
40Amazon.com3.665$55,000View Jobs71%
41Walmart3.645$24,000View Jobs83%
42AT&T3.578$55,000View Jobs70.9%
43Home Depot3.543$32,000View Jobs81%
44Boeing3.526$75,000View Jobs85.7%
45ADP3.514$55,000View Jobs90%
46U.S. Bank3.389$40,000View Jobs69.6%
47Honeywell3.310$65,000View Jobs66.7%
48Lowes3.227$32,000View Jobs50%
49Northrop Grumman3.212$75,000View Jobs78.1%
50Katerra3.117$65,000View Jobs35%

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