CareerBliss 50 Happiest Companies in America for 2015

Posted December 08, 2014

CareerBliss 50 Happiest Companies for 2015

Home of the Happiest Companies™.

Today, CareerBliss announces the 5th annual CareerBliss 50 Happiest Companies in America awards list. The list honors the top companies dedicated to creating happier work environments - as voted for by their own employees. CareerBliss analyzed thousands of independent company reviews from visitors of to determine which companies have the happiest workers.

Ranking No.1 this year is the multi-national medical device, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson. Following Johnson & Johnson is BroadcomChevron, and for the second year in a row Texas Instruments, followed by McAfee at No. 5, Google at No. 6, then IntuitAdobeAmgen and SAP AG to round out the top 10.

CareerBliss CEO and Chief Happiness Officer Heidi Golledge says: “Each year, CareerBliss evaluates the companies dedicated to creating happier work environments. This year we saw a surge of STEM-related companies (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) ranking in the top 10. As we evaluate the factors that impact happiness such as growth opportunity and company culture, it is also important to understand what type of industries are creating happier work environments overall.”

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1-- Johnson & Johnson3.523$70,000View Jobs
2-- Broadcom3.505$85,000View Jobs
3-- Chevron3.502$55,000View Jobs
43 Texas Instruments3.493$75,000View Jobs
5-- McAfee3.491$83,000View Jobs
621 Google3.488$70,000View Jobs
7-- Intuit3.485$71,000View Jobs
8-- Adobe3.484$90,000View Jobs
9-- Amgen3.478$75,000View Jobs
10-- SAP AG3.444$85,000View Jobs
1116 Fidelity Investments3.427$65,000View Jobs
125 Qualcomm3.426$80,000View Jobs
13-- Advanced Micro Devices3.42$77,000View Jobs
1420 Fedex3.416$40,000View Jobs
15-- Visa3.38$85,000View Jobs
1634 Farmers Insurance 3.375$41,000View Jobs
1713 Intel3.352$71,000View Jobs
18-- DirecTV3.346$41,000View Jobs
19-- Wellpoint (Anthem)3.344$60,000View Jobs
20-- Bank of America3.339$41,000View Jobs
2126 Microsoft3.335$81,000View Jobs
22-- Medtronic3.333$65,000View Jobs
2323 Accenture3.331$71,000View Jobs
24-- Flextronics3.328$50,000View Jobs
25-- Chrysler3.327$61,000View Jobs
26-- Pepsi3.326$50,000View Jobs
27-- NetApp3.324$100,000View Jobs
2831 Honeywell3.324$65,000View Jobs
29-- Nationwide Insurance3.315$45,000View Jobs
30-- NBCUniversal3.313$55,000View Jobs
31-- Sabre Holdings3.309$75,000View Jobs
32-- Thomson Reuters3.307$71,000View Jobs
3315 Walt Disney Company3.307$61,000View Jobs
34-- Abbott Laboratories3.302$70,000View Jobs
35-- Union Bank3.295$51,000View Jobs
36-- Yahoo3.292$85,000View Jobs
37-- Citibank3.289$45,000View Jobs
3818 Nokia3.287$81,000View Jobs
392 Kaiser Permanente3.286$61,000View Jobs
4030 Boeing3.281$75,000View Jobs
41-- Cisco Systems3.278$91,000View Jobs
42-- Ford Motor3.277$55,000View Jobs
43-- Parker Hannifin3.276$60,000View Jobs
44-- Juniper Networks3.276$87,500View Jobs
45-- Caterpillar3.273$60,000View Jobs
4635 General Dynamics3.271$72,000View Jobs
4722 Oracle3.269$91,000View Jobs
48-- eBay3.26$80,000View Jobs
49-- PayPal3.252$91,000View Jobs
5014 Apple3.237$45,000View Jobs

Note: In the "Last Year" column, the sign -- signifies that the company did not place last year. 

Movers and Shakers

Voted Happiest Company in America in 2014, Pfizer dropped steeply from their No. 1 position, not even making the top 50 for 2015. Moving up the list was Google, climbing from a ranking of No. 21 last year to No. 6 this year. In a surprising fall, Apple ranked No. 14 last year but dropped to No. 50 for 2015.

“It is important to see how workplaces are constantly evolving and changing. Creating happiness at work is a very fluid process, building and adapting to a changing workforce, while accounting for the key factors that create happier environments,” says Golledge.

CareerBliss Adviser Bradley Brummel, who has a Ph.D. in workplace psychology, adds, “Not only do these industries pay well, but employees in STEM-related companies are happier in these jobs overall. This may reflect the positive features in the type of jobs these companies offer, but it also might reflect the fact that employees with these skills have lots of choices of whom to work for. This means the companies have to keep them happy to keep them at the company.”

How CareerBliss Determines the Top 50

To figure out who this year's happiest companies are, CareerBliss analyzed thousands of employee-submitted reviews submitted to between 2013 and 2014. These reviews ask employees to rank their employer based on a set of unique metrics, calculated to give an overview of key happiness factors at work including: work-life balance, relationship with boss and co-workers, work environment, job resources, compensation, growth opportunities, company culture, company reputation, daily tasks, and job control over daily work. The data also shows how much the employee values each factor.

Each review is then given an average score indicating where the company places, out of a maximum score of five. Reviews from thousands of companies were tabulated to find the CareerBliss Happiest Companies in America in 2015.

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