Why the Holidays Are A Great Time to Get Ahead in Your Job Search

Posted November 08, 2018

The holidays are fast approaching, and you’re in the market for a new job. While most people may be relaxing, planning to ride out the holidays until the new year, we recommend you do the opposite. People assume because business is often slowing toward year-end, hiring is too. But it turns out that’s just not the case. While some businesses may legitimately slow down during Q4, hiring managers recommend you keep up the job search. In fact, the holidays are some of the best times to get ahead and get a job.

That’s right; job hunting during the Happy Holiday might just be your ticket to landing your next job (and a career you’ll love).

Here are five reasons the holidays are actually the perfect time to look for (and secure) a job.

You’re already in the budget

By December, companies have a pretty clear projection of the year ahead (and the budget in place to help them achieve their goals). With a good forthcoming year in their sights, they’ll need quality candidates like you to fill those roles so they can hit the ground running when the new year comes. And most companies that plan to hire for Q1 already have the budget for it. If you get in the game ahead of others, you’re sure to be noticed.

Hiring managers are actually eager to hire

Hiring takes time, and many companies put it off until it’s absolutely necessary. By the end of the year, with Q1 around the corner, hiring managers are likely in a rush to make sure they have the people in place to start strong. You can beat the hundreds of incoming job applications that will soon be on their way by honing in on the holiday season as your personal and professional season of success.

It’s a less competitive market

The job market is typically highly competitive, with an average of 118 people applying to every job. With the holidays on the horizon, people are starting to get busy with the season (and falling prey to the myth that the holidays are bad for job seekers). That means that there’s less competition for the job you want, which helps your resume, your persistence and your experience stand out. So while everyone else is sitting and noshing down on pecan pie, sugar cookies, and eggnog, you can grab yours to go on the way to your interview. If you keep the momentum going, you’ll be far ahead of everyone who’s just waking up from their turkey-induced coma in the new year.

Joy is in the air

There’s something about the holidays that just makes us feel good. Maybe it’s the fact that people, despite their rushing, just seem happier. Or maybe it’s the sugar rush from all those tasty treats. Whatever it is, hiring managers are typically not exempt from feeling that same joy. And good moods translate to being more open to setting up interviews with outstanding candidates who persevere during the holidays.

Networking opportunities abound

Those holiday parties and events you’ve got lined up are a great time to meet new people and reconnect with old acquaintances. Being strategic during times of fun and feasting and spreading the word that you’re in the job market may just give you the big break you’ve been working toward.

So don’t give in to the holiday haze and laze around. Keep up the traction you’ve been building and you might just land your perfect job during the holidays—or at the very least gain valuable ground in the process. Here’s to your happiest, most strategic and successful holiday yet!

photo of The CareerBliss Team

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