Why You Should Start Your Job Search Now

Posted January 30, 2020

Now that the holiday season is officially over and life is settling back to normal, it’s time to revisit the job search you temporarily put on hold.

Why? Well, like most things, recruiting follows certain trends. And those trends indicate that you should start looking for a job now.

Sure, the first couple of weeks of any new year could be a bit slow as people trickle back into the office after their holiday festivities and start to regain their flow and build momentum. This could deceptively lead you to think that there are better times to start sending your resume. But in fact, these reasons are also why February is regarded as one of the best months to look for a job (research backs it!).

In case you need proof, here are three reasons why you should resume your job search NOW, while the new year is still in its infancy.

Company hiring budgets have been set for the year

Most companies have their budgets done as they head into a new year. This means that for those who have new employees in the budget, looking for you is fresh on their minds. So it’s no wonder February is a huge month for interviews.

Hiring managers and decision-makers are back in the office

Yep, they’re all back in the office and serious about getting back to business after the long break. But don’t just assume they’re just sitting around waiting for you to walk in to impress them. They are extremely busy creating job postings, reviewing resumes, and bringing qualified candidates in for interviews, follow-ups, onboarding, and non-hiring tasks too. So make sure when you finally score a call or interview, you come with your best foot forward to make a first impression they’ll remember.

Hiring managers need to fill the vacant spots left by the December exodus

Not surprisingly, many soon-to-be job seekers wait till after they receive their December/holiday bonuses before announcing their resignation. Thus, December tends to be a pretty high month for job vacancies—and the next few months thereafter prime season for new hires.

So as you gear up for the job search, here are a couple of things to keep in mind (and start you off on the right path this year).

Expand your skills

Ideally, this is something you’ve already been doing as part of an ongoing education plan. Keeping your skills up to date is an important part of being in the working world. Technology and programs change fast, and if you want to have the upper hand in securing a job you love, you need to make sure you’re setting yourself apart from others who are equally qualified, by adding to your competencies.

Give some attention to your social presence

According to an SHRM survey, 84% of companies use social media to recruit interviewees and new hires. Don’t chance that a prospective employer comes across your social profile only to find photos and posts that paint you in less than the best of lights. Remember, first impressions matter. So either clean up your social media presence or set your profile to private. And while you’re at it (and if you haven’t already) you should update (or create) a Linkedin profile to give companies a quick snapshot of your professional persona.

Learn to write a great follow-up/thank you letter

During this particularly busy time of year for hiring managers who are starting to get back into the swing of things, your Thank-You email could be the difference between getting the job or not. So it’s vital to make sure you do it right.

'How' you ask? By including a clear subject line, stretching out that very important first impression, and letting them know that you’re the best fit for the job—while also implicitly conveying to them that you’re a very courteous person who they’d love to have around.

Need more job search tips to find a job or career you love? Check out CareerBliss.com for more tips and trends to fuel your job search.

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