6 Things You Could Do Better at Your Next Job

Posted October 04, 2018

Are there things you could improve on at work? If you're about to start a new job, or currently on the hunt, it's a great exercise to consider what you can do to become an even better employee than you already are. An employee who continues to learn and grow through each of their positions is the best type of hire. Below, we've outlined a few things you could do better at your next job to ensure ultimate success.

1. Stay up to date on industry trends

Is your industry knowledge in need of a refresh? Some of the best employees are those who have a pulse on what's happening in their industry. Keep up to date with trends and facts by subscribing to industry newsletters, following prominent industry leaders on Twitter, or reading industry specific publications.

2. Practice being pro-active

Anticipating what your department will need and volunteering to take on tasks are great skills to possess. If you make yourself a reliable resource to your boss and your colleagues, you'll become an indispensable part of the team. Use all of that knowledge you're gaining by staying up to date on industry trends and come prepared and ready to share new ideas on how you could improve processes.

3. Cut back on multi-tasking

Multi-tasking can come in handy in certain scenarios, but at work, it can really distract you from focusing on what needs to get done. To become a better employee, create a streamlined work flow and focus on one task at a time instead of constantly checking emails and texts while you're knee-deep in the middle of a project.

4. Become a better listening

This one goes hand in hand with cutting back on multi-tasking - the ability to listen to your colleagues and bosses with your full attention is imperative to success. By giving others your full attention, you'll develop their appreciation and be better equipped to help out.

5. Take a walk break

Powering through the work day may be your go-to process, but it can be a detrimental one at that. Instead of rushing through your projects just to cross them off your to-do list, give yourself time to take a break and go on a walk. This will refresh you, give you back that motivation you may have lost throughout the day, and make you more productive. A little fresh air is always a great thing!

6. Invest in hobbies outside of work

Work/life balance is crucial to success at your job. If you're spending too much time in the office and not enough time doing other things that you love, you may find yourself starting to slip up. Consider out-of-office hobbies like joining an adult sports league or a rock climbing gym, or sign up for cooking or baking classes. These activities will allow you to blow off some steam and focus on something fun, allowing you to be fresh and ready to work when you're back in the office.

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