Happy Company Spotlight: How Diversity and Inclusion Lead to a Happier Workforce at T-Mobile

Posted February 17, 2020

A more diverse and inclusive company culture is not only good business—it actually results in happier employees and higher retention! It’s a win all around.

T-Mobile, one of CareerBliss’ 50 Happiest Companies in America 2020, continues to set a high bar with its diversity and inclusion efforts, making it a very happy company, according to employees.

In fact, T-Mobile is nationally recognized as an employer of choice for women, people of color, veterans, and members of the disabled and LGBTQ+ communities. The company believes that by embracing diversity and inclusion, it can rewrite the rules of wireless and better serve its customers.

To get a better picture of what life is like at the Un-carrier, we spoke with Product Champion Alicia Allen, who recently celebrated her nine-year anniversary at T-Mobile. Alicia shared how the company makes her feel welcome to be herself, how she stays motivated, and her recommendations for finding the right workplace fit.

What made you want to work for T-Mobile?

I’ve worked for other companies where, as a black woman, I didn’t feel comfortable being myself because they didn’t embrace an inclusive culture. I quickly learned that by not being my authentic self in the workplace I wasn’t able to bring my best work to the table.

From the moment I stepped into the T-Mobile Nashville call center, I saw a striking difference. There were leaders I immediately looked up to because I related to them. The leader of the call center was a black man and his manager was a black woman. For the first time in my career, I could see myself as a leader at a company. That’s what made me want to work here, and why I’ve stayed for nine years.  

What sets T-Mobile apart from other companies? 

Our diversity and acceptance set us apart. Tattoos, hair color, different cultures, and beliefs, you name it—it's all accepted and embraced. You’re never looked at twice for being “different.” In fact, it’s encouraged! This truly sets T-Mobile apart and helps create a culture where everyone is excited, every day, to show up to work and be their best.

How does T-Mobile champion diversity and inclusion? 

T-Mobile offers six different D&I employee network groups that give employees the tools to start conversations about inclusion in the workplace and communities. The Multicultural Network, for example, is leading the charge on getting employees involved in Black History Month this February by hosting conversations and helping our local D&I chapters register for volunteer events. Our Women’s Leadership Network is also gearing up for a massive employee-wide event to celebrate Women’s History Month in March.

I’ve chosen to be involved in all six D&I groups because it gives me the opportunity to learn about other cultures and backgrounds. I love that we celebrate everyone! In fact, our company mantra is “Be You,” because inclusiveness is core to who we are.

What do you believe is the core of employee happiness on the job and how does your company provide it?

Accountability and motivation! Motivate everyone to perform and to be the best they can be. I personally speak to each person on my team and those around me to see how they’re doing and how I can support them. This has allowed me to create connections and partnerships that might not happen organically.

T-Mobile also provides its employees with opportunities for career growth within the company. For example, the program I’m in right now, Team of Pros, is a competitive program that allows participants to sit side by side with leaders at T-Mobile headquarters and be part of developing the future of the company. It has opened doors for me to expand my career!

Do you have advice for someone looking for a new job?

It’s important to find a place that embraces diversity and inclusion the way T-Mobile does. My recommendation is to do the research! Read reviews to see what employees are saying. If reviews are consistent and strong, there’s a better chance that it’s a company you should work for. Ask the right questions during the interview process, and consider what current employees say about the diversity and inclusion programs. Those are the types of programs that will help you find a workplace you’ll enjoy long-term.

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