Unemployed? Do This While Social Distancing to Find Your Next Job.

Posted March 25, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life for people around the world in just a few short months. Over the last several weeks, American’s have been significantly affected, both as the virus rapidly spread throughout our communities, and as our friends, neighbors, relatives--and maybe you--face employment uncertainty or full-on unemployment.

While we wholeheartedly support the #saferathome initiative and social distancing to protect yourself and others around you, we feel for whatever losses and anxieties you’re facing right now.

But whether you now find yourself unemployed or simply aren’t sure what’s around the corner for your company, we’ve got a bit of light for you (after all, these days we all want to hold on to all the good that’s still around us despite the uncertainties).

What is that bit of light? There are lots of companies that are still hiring or will soon be--and you can maximize your time of social distancing with the right future-driven strategy.

So, while many people are binging on Netflix, staring out windows and dreaming of what they will do once the pandemic is over, you can use this lockdown/quarantine/social distancing time to prep yourself for the job search ahead.

Here are some ways you can keep yourself busy as we fight the virus and regain our world’s sense of normalcy again.

Resumes, cover letters, portfolios, oh my!

Now is the perfect time to hone in on your resume and cover letters, and make sure you’re presenting yourself in an attractive light for employers. If you are in a creative position that should have a portfolio of work, now’s a great time to put one together or update it with your most recent work. If it’s been a few jobs since you’ve touched your resume, start to jot down what you did and accomplished at the last few jobs. As you start looking at job listings, you’ll want to tailor your resume and cover letter to the jobs you’re applying for, making sure that you connect the dots for your would-be employer about how your previous and current experiences make you the right person for their posted job opening.

Expand your skills

All the downtime while at home is the perfect time to dive into some books and online courses. Ramping up your knowledge and skills, and/or getting some certifications, can set you apart from others in your same line of work when it comes time to leave the house. You may even discover a completely new passion in a different industry that you’d like to pursue further. Check out Coursera, Udemy, edX and other free or paid course sites like these to discover an array of knowledge and skills at your fingertips. Oh the things that you’ll learn and the places you’ll go!

Build up your LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn is like your digital resume. But it also humanizes your resume by allowing potential employers to get a sense for who you are and who you’re connected to. Although it’s not the only social site employers check before giving you a call, it’s an important one that can tell them a lot about you at a glance. Build it up for the additional wow-factor to your resume.

Clean up your social profiles

Employers really do check your social profiles, and that fact may determine whether or not you set your profile to private. Would-be employers are trying to get a sense for who you are and how you would fit into their culture. Are the comments you leave on posts aggressive or rude? Are they kind and cordial, even if you don’t agree with someone? This matters! Now’s a great time to clean up your social profiles or else set them to private so you don’t lose a potential job over them.

Search job listings and start applying

With so many being put out of work right now, it may feel pointless to even think about another job in the current economy (especially if you are currently house-bound). But a lot of companies are still hiring! At CareerBliss, we’ve got 8 million open job listings just waiting to be filled by the right people. Looking for remote, hourly, salaried, part-time or full-time work? We and the companies who partner with us have your back. Start applying for jobs now to put yourself in a better position once the world opens for business once again.

Yes, it will take focus and mental energy to work on this when it’s much easier to binge-watch your favorite show. But at the end of the day, and this pandemic, you will come out of it a stronger candidate for your next job!

photo of The CareerBliss Team

The CareerBliss Team

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