How to Land Your First Job After College

Posted May 25, 2018

Congratulations - you've graduated! For all of the new or soon-to-be graduates, this is a truly exciting time. You've finished your degree and are ready to head into the so-called "real world." While the thought may be daunting, there is much to be excited about as you being or continue your job search. Below, we've compiled a few tips to help you land your first job post-college.

Craft the perfect resume

As you're probably well aware, one of the first things you're going to need is a great resume. There are a few important things you'll want to convey when crafting your resume:

  • A glowing first impression - Keep it concise, watch out for grammar and spelling mistakes, and avoid common clich├ęs. This article on resume mistakes (and how to avoid them) is a helpful resource.
  • A list of your experience and skills - What have you done throughout your college career that would make you a great fit for the position? List your skills and experience as it is relevant to the job listing.
  • What you have learned - What other accomplishments do you want to share? Use your resume as a place to list awards and special achievements that make you stand out.

Start networking

There is never a better time to craft your networking skills than when you graduate. A lot of the job search can be done from behind your computer, but there is real value in getting out there and making face-to-face connections. Think back to your first week in college - you were meeting new friends, learning from new teachers, and joining new groups on campus. Take those social skills you learned back then and apply them to your job search today. Research local industry meet-up groups, contact family friends or alumni, or spark up a conversation at your local coffee shop! Keep your eyes and your ears open, online and offline. The next person you meet could become your mentor, sponsor, or ticket to a new and exciting career.

Clean up your social media presence

Sure, all of those photos from college are fun to look back on, but ensure that they're something you wouldn't mind a potential new boss seeing. As you move forward in your career, social media can actually be a great place to show off your skills, achievements, and personality. If you haven't already, create a LinkedIn profile - it can be a great tool for you to connect with future employers, companies you want to follow, and colleagues or acquaintances you want to stay in contact with professionally.

Prepare for interviews

Before you know it, you're going to be walking into your potential new employers office for an interview, so now's a great time to start preparing! Brush up on your interviewing skills by reviewing all potential questions you could be asked about your education and your experience, and make sure you have a few questions of your own to ask about the position or company. Ensure you're dressed for success, and find a few personal ways to relax prior to keep your nerves in check. Before you know it, you're going to be starting your new career!

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