How to Interview After You Were Let Go or Fired

Posted August 24, 2018

Were you recently let go or fired? Are you concerned about how to bring that fact up in your next interview? Being let go or fired is hard enough, but talking through the reasons why your last job didn't work out shouldn't be something you're afraid to face. While we know it won't be easy, there are steps you can take to help you on your journey to finding your next job. These include a few crucial ways to come to terms with what happened, and how you can best answer the almost inevitable question of why you left your last job. Read on to find all the tips you need to help you confidently walk into your next interview.

1. Professionally, and honestly, explain why you were let go or fired

Be sure to deal with your emotions on the matter prior to walking into your job interview. You don't want to weigh your interviewer down with a sob story. Tell them what happened honestly - starting a new job based on a lie is unwise and interviewers always have the ability to check references and find out the truth. Be as succinct as possible and don't offer up more than you need to. Professionalism goes a long way in this instance. Your interviewer is no stranger to the fact that, sometimes, people are let go or fired. They will understand if you share with them the facts and answer any questions they may have regarding the matter.

2. Share what you have learned from the experience

Being fired is often a way that we as humans can grow in our careers. Before heading into an interview, think seriously about how losing your last job affected you, and what you've learned from the situation. Knowing what you do now about your last job and the way you operated can help you become an even better employee for your next company. Be sure to share all of the reasons why it will make you work harder and better for your new employer.

 3. Don't place blame

It's tempting to want to blame a former boss or company for why you were fired. Regardless of what the actual situation was that resulted in your firing, avoid placing blame - it will only make you look resentful and like you haven't yet learned from or dealt with the situation. Prove that you have confidently moved on and are ready to find your next, best gig.

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