Hiring BIG for a Small Company

Posted March 06, 2018

Top companies share their HR secrets

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It’s easy to say that big companies have the advantage in the hiring game over small companies. They have more people to recruit, more resources for competitive salaries, and, in some cases like Google and Zappos, a great reputation for company culture.

But that doesn’t mean small companies are not at an advantage. We met with several top HR teams to discover what secrets they have that can be applied to small and medium sized companies who want to stay competitive when hiring.

Don’t be Shy About a Job Opening

Internal recruiters and hiring managers are on the hunt as soon as an open position hits their desk, they are not shy when it comes to engaging recruiters, job boards, and social media to make sure the open position is made public to all qualified candidates. Most hiring managers say they use an average of 3-5 job boards to publicize an open position.

Don’t just post your job on one job board, put it out across the web so you get a wide range of qualified candidates. What you invest in the search for a good candidate will pay off tenfold when they are hired. The more exposure, the better!

Engage Your Employees

The best recruiters are your current employees. Incentivize them to recommend your new job posting to qualified friends and peers. Small business owners may not have a team of recruiters on retainer, hungry at the chance to boost their commission, but you do have employees who know your company best. Offering perks, gift cards, and awards for someone who refers a top candidate who is hired is a great way to energize your team.

Testing is Topnotch

Just because you work at a small company does not mean you don’t have access to testing candidate skills. Several online skill tests let employers analyze and evaluate performance with a variety of functions from coding a website to administrative skills. Information is everything, and a good candidate on paper may not be a good candidate in real life! Test away and see where they stack up.

Sell Your Culture and Benefits

If you can’t compete with larger companies on salary, sell candidates on what makes your company culture top notch. Many candidates, especially millennials, are not just looking for a big paycheck, but a place they enjoy coming into and being a part of every day.

Sell the atmosphere your company has created and share the benefits of working for a smaller company where employees are hands on and have direct access to higher ups. If you have perks your particularly proud of (unlimited vacation, community service programs, free snacks?), sell those too!

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