Here's How to Nail Your Video Interview

Posted May 08, 2018

Video interviews are a convenient and efficient way to interview for a job, but if they're not done right, can be a bit uncomfortable. With more and more companies including video interviews in their hiring process, it's best to be as prepared as possible while on the hunt for a new job. Whether you're the type that feels 100% camera ready, or you shudder at the very idea of a a video interview, we've got some tips to help you nail it!

Set the stage

The last thing you want is for your interviewer to be distracted by odd things going on behind you. Aim to have the attention completely focused on you, and you alone. It's best not to post up in front of your old Pink Floyd poster, a really bring window, or a messy living room. Instead, choose a clean, basic, and office-like background that appears professional and cheerful.

Maintain eye contact

While you may be dying to fidget, look around the room, or do basically anything you can to avoid looking straight at your interviewer, don't! The best way to show that you are totally confident and focused is to maintain eye contact. To help, make sure you have the video call on full screen, and ensure that your screen is at your eye level, instead of having to look down at the camera.

Dress the part

Resist the urge to go pantsless! Sure, your interviewer may not see your whole body, but it's best to dress as if you were going into an in-person interview. This way, you feel as prepared and professional as possible. Your appearance is important, so be sure to dress the part.

Prep your tech

The absolute last thing you want is to lose your connection mid interview! Check your camera and your microphone, maybe even do a test run with a friend just before the call. Do everything you can think of to ensure you're tech is set: make sure your computer is charged, your wifi is up and running, and that your Slack, iMessage, and any other notifications you receive on your desktop are turned off.

Breathe, and relax!

If you choose to follow any of advice, let it be this: remember to breathe, and relax! You've made it this far, all you have to do is continue to sell yourself, the one they chose to interview in the first place. Before the interview, make sure you prepare to answer any tough questions that might come your way, and take a few minutes to do whatever it is you do to de-stress. Maybe a nice walk around the block is in order, fresh air always helps clam the nerves. Have no fear, you're going to nail it!

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