Do High-Paid CEOs Lead Happy Banks?

Posted September 30, 2011

With total compensation ranging from more than $11 million to nearly $21 million, one might assume the guys – yes, they are all men – on CNNMoney’s list of highest paid bank CEOs released this week are pretty satisfied with their jobs (though when it comes to work, money isn’t always the determining factor for job happiness).

But what about the people under them?

In light of these large CEO salaries (with plenty of stocks and options slathered on top) we thought it would be interesting to take a look at how happy employees at these banks are. Check out our chart below (bank, CEO and compensation information comes from CNNMoney). Click on a bank name for more happiness ratings. And swing by CareerBliss to let us know what you think about the company you work for.

Highest Paid Bank CEOs

BankCEOTotal CompensationCareerBliss Rating* for Senior ManagementOverall Rating
J.P. Morgan Chase
Jamie Dimon
$20.8 million3.8 (76% approval)3.8
Bank of New York MellonRobert P. Kelly**$19.4 million3.5 (70% approval)3.4
Wells FargoJohn Stumpf$17.6 million3.8 (76% approval)3.8
American ExpressKen Chenault$16.3 million3.8 (76% approval)3.8
U.S. BancorpRichard K. Davis$16.1 million3.7 (74% approval)3.5
Morgan StanleyJames Gorman$14.9 million3.9 (78% approval)3.8
Capital One***Richard D. Fairbank$14.9 million3.7 (74% approval)3.7
Goldman SachsLloyd Blankfein$14.1 million4.1 (82% approval)4.0
MetLifeC. Robert Henrikson$13.9 million3.6 (72% approval)3.6
PNC FinancialJames E. Rohr$11.6 million3.7 (74% approval)3.7

* CareerBliss Ratings are based on employee reviews submitted at and are based on a scale of 1 to 5. Overall CareerBliss Rating is based on employee reviews of several areas, such as compensation, work-life balance and senior management.

** Robert P. Kelly resigned as CEO of New York Bank Mellon on Aug. 31, 2011.

*** CareerBliss Ratings for Capital One are based on employee reviews for Capital One Auto Finance, a division of Capital One.

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