6 Trending Happy (and High Paying!) Jobs You Should Know About

Posted March 19, 2019

Want a job that’s happy AND high paying? You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Our Ph.D. Board of Advisors discovered the 10 factors that determine workplace happiness. Then our CareerBliss team analyzed the data from thousands of companies, along with employee reviews across industries to determine just how happy people are in different jobs. And we’ve found an interesting little trend.

Some of the happiest, high paying jobs hold some sort of influence over how a company runs or succeeds, or how a team performs. And while leadership roles can sometimes place high demands on a person, they can be ultimately rewarding. After all, you’re responsible for shaping the future, the culture and the success of your company and your team.

Job happiness factors

On-the-job happiness isn’t based on salary alone. There are a number of factors that contribute to how employees feel about where they work and what they do.

These include an employee’s relationship with the boss or the rest of the team, the workplace environment, job compensation, employee resources, job growth opportunities, company culture, reputation, the actual work, and being able to control daily responsibilities.

This said, here are the 6 jobs with top BlissScores (that is, the number we attribute to jobs based on how they rank in the key happiness factors), along with their average salaries.


The CEO holds the highest position in any company, and is in charge of managing operations, company resources, liaising between the company’s boards, making the big decisions and being the outward face of the company. It’s a big job. But it holds big rewards for those who can do it well.

Happiness BlissScore: 3.825

Average salary: $115,538


A founder (and his team) is the mastermind behind the formation of a company. Founders have a vision, determine the right market and the customer, set the goals, build teams, raise capital, and keep an eye on the competition. Sometimes, they may also be the CEO of the company, though not all founders have the skillset to run the company at its full potential.

Happiness BlissScore: 3.807

Average salary: $101,573


While sometimes the President and CEO are interchangeable titles, at least in the corporate world the president is second in command, managing a vital segment of the company.  The president may simultaneously be the Chief Operating Officer (COO), or, in small businesses, the business owner.

Happiness BlissScore: 3.7

Average salary: $120,003

Senior Advisor

Senior advisors are the bridge, or liaisons, between a company’s management team and the Board of Directors and stakeholders. They have in-depth knowledge in their company’s industry and provide high-level advice and recommendations for issues that may arise within the company.

Happiness BlissScore: 3.7

Average salary: $101,720

Senior Project Manager

The Senior Project Manager’s job is to facilitate a project’s success through planning, organizing and solid leadership. With deep knowledge and high-level skills in leadership, communication, team management, negotiation, risk management and personal organization, they are vital to the efficiency of any company.

Happiness BlissScore: 3.656

Average salary: $160,716

SQL Server Developer

If you thrive on computer programming, system administration and creating apps to work with database systems, this job may be for you. The job of an SQL Server Developer requires experience with reporting and business intelligence tools, big data technologies and NoSQL database systems. Knowledge in database security is important, as is the ability to create top-performing queries. On top of those core hard skills, being able to communicate and collaborate effectively is vital to the job.

Happiness BlissScore: 3.632

Average salary: $105,400

Want to explore jobs like these (and more)? Check out the CareerBliss job board to find your happy career.

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The CareerBliss Team

CareerBliss cares about your career happiness. That's why we offer a variety of great tools and resources to help you make better-informed career decisions. We believe that if you're happier at work, you'll be happier in life! Check out company reviews, salary information, career advice and, of course, millions of jobs on CareerBliss and choose happy today!

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