5 Companies with Stellar Employee Benefits

Posted October 11, 2018

A company that makes it's employees feel appreciated with great benefits and perks is one that boasts truly happy workers. The power of stellar benefits comes in what employees give back when they're given what they deserve: increased productivity, better attitudes in the office, and overall increased happiness. Are you searching for a company that provides more than just a great paycheck? Below, we've outlined a few of the great benefits from 5 companies who are doing it right. Should your company be on the list? Submit a review on CareerBliss.com today and tell us why!

1. Taco Bell

If you've seen any of their recent marketing, you'll know that this company likes to have fun! You may not think of a fast food chain first when you think of great benefits, but on top of all that fun, Taco Bell offers seriously competitive perks, including their recently launched Guide Education program. This program extends education benefits to all of their employees, allowing them academic and financial support to a network of learning providers and universities, as well as access of up to $5,250 per year in tuition assistance. Way to go, Taco Bell!

2. Netflix

Netflix offers more than just great video content. The streaming giant is known for offering some creative benefits for their employees, namely their unlimited parental leave program. Salaried employees can take off up to an entire year with full pay, which is the most generous amount of leave for birth or adoptive parents from any tech company. Great news for parents!

3. Southwest Airlines

Working for an airline can get you some pretty unique benefits, including Southwest offering free flights for employees. They offer free unlimited flights within company destinations, and the opportunity to give friends and family free flights, as well. Free flights? Yes please!

4. IBM

The giant tech company is known for having great benefits in many areas for it's employees. These benefits include strong healthcare coverage, retirement packages and financial assistance, and vacation and paid time off packages.

5. Salesforce

Employees generally have nothing but good things to say about working at Salesforce. This is most likely due to the great benefits they offer, including their creative and wonderful paid-time off volunteer week. Each employee is given a week a year to take time off to volunteer for the charity or organization of their choice. They also offer competitive benefits for new parents, not to mention the amazing perks of working at their San Francisco headquarters, including being pet-friendly, offering gym access, and lots of free snacks.

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The CareerBliss Team

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